18 Asheville Book Clubs You Should Check Out

A good book can be reflective, inspiring, educational, heartbreaking, funny, and impassioned.  As the reader, you get to step into the story and take unique meaning for yourself as you read.  It opens you up to new ideas, cultures, choices, and understanding you otherwise not come to.  Maybe you want to branch out and meet new people?  Maybe you want to challenge yourself more to read?  Asheville book clubs are a great way to keep your mind fresh and connect with other local people and viewpoints, something everyone can benefit from!

Did you know that there are 18 established book clubs in Asheville that meet up monthly?  With topics across the spectrum, and hosted among so many great locations, there’s something for everyone.  Here’s our roundup of book clubs in Asheville.

Malaprop’s Bookstore

Asheville’s most well known independent bookstore and cafe is Malaprop’s.  With a 30+ year history, Malaprop’s Bookstore is beloved by Asheville for creating a home for free speech, poetry, writers, literature and community.  They have several regular book clubs.  www.malaprops.com

Asheville book clubs
Malaprop’s Bookstore. Photo Credit: Malaprop’s

Malaprop’s Book Club
The Malaprop’s Book Club, hosted by Jay Jacoby, explores a diverse selection of fiction and nonfiction books determined by member suggestion.  They meet in the cafe the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Mystery Book Club
Join host Tena Frank at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month, for Malaprop’s Mystery Book Club!

LGBTQ Book Club
Join hosts and Malaprop’s booksellers Caroline and Hannah to discuss a wide-ranging selection of fiction and non-fiction focused on the LGBTQ community.  Meets the first Monday of every month.

Wild Book Club
Join Linda-Marie Barrett and poet Maria Fire at the Battery Park Book Exchange for meetings of the WILD (Women in Lively Discussion) book club.  This woman-only book club seeks to have fun by reading books (fiction & non) by women writers that intrigue us.  They ordinarily meet at 7:00 P.M. on the first Tuesday of the month.

Discussion Bound Book Club
Hosted by the Asheville Art Museum, this monthly discussion is a place to exchange ideas about readings that relate to artworks and the art world, and to learn from and about each other.  Meets the second Tuesday of every month at noon.

Works in Translation Book Club
Join host and Malaprop’s bookseller Justin Souther to discuss writers — and their literature — in translation and the cultural, political and artistic influences that mold them.  Meets the last Thursday of every month.

Current Events Book Club
Join host Bruce Roth and people interested about what is happening in the world for a lively discussion on topics of current interest, including war and peace, the economy, the environment, plus other hot political topics.  Meets at 7 pm the first Tuesday of every month.

Bridge the Gap Book Club
Join host Madelyn Anderson for Bridge the Gap, a book club for those interested in exploring perspectives of people with different life experiences or world views, particularly those marginalized in the US.  They will read about the intersection of race, gender, political affiliation, and sexual identification/orientation, as well as discuss ways to take collective action.  Meets the last Wednesday of every month.

Notorious HBC
Join host and Malaprop’s bookseller Patricia Furnish to discuss a range of books across different periods of history.  We’re creating a book club that tackles the challenging subjects, hence “NOTORIOUS.”  They meet on the 3rd Friday of every month at 7 pm.

Firestorm Books & Coffee

Firestorm is a co-operative bookstore and cafe aiming to provide community space and critical literature, providing a unique blend of off-beat, underground and independently published materials.  They are located in West Asheville.

asheville book clubs
Photo Credit: Firestorm Books & Coffee

Animal Rights Reading Group
A group to discuss where human and non-human issues intersect and how we might take action on specific issues.  They meet every 4th Friday at 6pm at Firestorm.

Asheville Queer Women’s Book Club
This book club is open to all queer woman-identifying folks with (or wanting to develop) a strong sense of
intersectional feminism.  Books fall into the realm of ‘by/for/about queer women and are selected based on availability of the text, member suggestion and preferences.  They meet mid-month on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Green Grannies Book Club
Founded in 2012, the Green Grannies are a group of women who are willing to make a ruckus about the need for action on climate change.  This is their reading group and it is open to all!  They meet every Wednesday at 12pm.

For more details, visit Firestorm Bookstore

Individual Book Clubs 

Asheville Women’s Book Club
This is a women only book club, focused on casual book discussion and meeting new friends.  They meet at rotating Asheville area bars and venues on Thursday evenings.  Asheville Women’s Book Club meet up page.

Black Mountain Books & Wine
Love books and wine?  This book club meets at a local wine venue to chat about favorite books on the topic chosen at the previous meet up.  Everybody brings a book on the topic.  Black Mountain Books & Wine meet up page. 

Asheville’s Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books and Beer Club
A book club that meets regularly at rotating bars and breweries to discuss a fantasy/sci-fi book chosen the previous month.   Asheville’s Fantasy/ Sci-Fi meet up page. 

Asheville Books & Drinks-Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne
A casual book club that meets at Asheville area cafe’s to discuss that month’s book, covering all genres and topics. For details, check out Asheville Books & Drinks meet up page. 

Wine Drinkers with a Reading Problem-Metro Wines
A non-committal Book Club!  No pressure to finish a book or host a meeting.  Just show up, Sip and swap! Bring books you’ve read.  Sip wine (beer or cider) and swap books and conversation.  There will be a monthly topic-specified event on the 2nd Thursday from 2-4 with other meetings thrown in from periodically.  Wine Drinker’s meet up page. 

Asheville Books & Brunch
This club meets once a month, usually on Saturday mornings to discuss the book that month.  Everyone brings a dish to share and enjoy brunch over good conversation.  Asheville Books & Brunch meet up page. 

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