5 Best Combination Of Food And Drinks From Different Places You Should Try This Season

Written by Jessica Smith. Travel, fashion, and lifestyle contributor worldwide.

How exalting is it to have the perfect combination of food and beverage to wash it down? The right combination of drinks, along with food, will make your meal a heavenly experience. Choosing a drink that complements your food can kick up intricate flavors that you never thought possible.

Every person has their favorites when it comes to food or drink. However, only a few pay the deserved attention to the combination of the two. If you do not get the combination right, you might end up ruining your perfect dining experience.

Identifying the individual flavors of a drink and the resultant combination with food requires some experience and a keen sense of taste. To help you get a head start, here are some classic combinations of food and drinks that you positively must try at least once.

Scotch Whiskey And Duck Breast With Vegetables

Duck meat is one of the fattiest meat available for consumption. The scotch whiskey originated from Scotland, and now, it is one of the most sought after breeds of whiskey in the world.

Duck breast cooked rarely and paired with seasonal vegetables prove to be the perfect complement for having with a couple of shots of Scotch.

The single malt Macallan 18 scotch, finely aged for 18 years emanates a rich aroma and flavor with a tinge of chocolate orange, spices, and dried fruits. The exquisite zest from this wine enhances the taste of the duck breast even further.

The smoky flavor of single malt scotch and the sweet fattiness of the duck breast is a combination made in heaven. Serve the duck breast by cutting open the flavors with a dash of water for the perfect tartness.

Beef And Red Wine

Winemaking is a central part of human tradition right from prehistoric times. Presently, France is the world’s most prominent producer of top-notch red wines.

The general rule you must follow for finding a suitable complement for wine is by finding a dish that exudes one of the four elemental flavors. Food that emanates either sweet, bitter, sour, or salty flavor is preferable for pairing with red wine. 

The pairing of red wine and beef is commonplace for this exact reason. The bolder wines integrate better with the flavors of darker meats. Braised beef short ribs garnished with freshly grilled vegetables are a treat for all your senses by itself.

Pairing the beef ribs along with a bottle of rich red wine unleashes an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Red wine is also usable for bringing out the flavors of the beef while cooking the dish.

Brandy And Chocolate Brownies

Brandy originates in the 16th century as a means of preserving wine for a longer duration by the Dutch. Eventually, the drink gained in popularity, that today it is an elegant and refined product with its unique character.

Brandies from the southwestern coast of France, such as Cognac and Armagnac, are the most well-known brands of brandy currently. Traditionally brandy found application as a drink that aids digestion when consumed after a meal.

The aging of brandy gives it a silken texture, dried fruit savor, and caramelized tones, making it the ideal combination along with gooey brownies. The preparation of the brownies should be with an emphasis on the bitter chocolatey taste of dark chocolate.

Oversweetening of brownies or making them dry instead of gooey on the inside will ruin the delicate balance of the combination. The consumption of brandy should be neat or on the rocks for added piquancy.

Tequila And Spicy Quesadillas

The ideal Mexican meal is never complete without a tequila. The drink is, in fact, sublime for the hot, sunny climate and the blue seas of Mexico. It is not surprising that the food that best complements the tequila also originates in Mexico.

Quesadillas are essentially a wrap filled with an assortment of ingredients ranging from meat, chili peppers, beans, avocado to any seasonal vegetables. The spiciness of the quesadillas is integral in drawing out the hidden flavors in the tequila.

Tacos and tortillas are also good alternatives to the quesadilla. Serving with a spicy dip of traditional Mexican salsa is excellent for providing a fiery flavor to your food and enhances the taste of the tequila.

Rum And Glazed Jerk Chicken

Rum is the preferred drink of choice in the tropical countries of the world. The drink is perfectly suitable for the hot and sultry climate of the tropics.  Production of rum is by fermenting molasses giving it a complex, yet sweet flavor.

The glazed jerk chicken has a similar taste characteristic as that of rum, making it the ideal combination to have together. The sweetish tanginess of rum is excellent for marinating the chicken before cooking, thereby imbibing an exotic sweet zest to the dish. The serving of rum should be neat at room temperature along with glazed jerk chicken for supreme taste.


Food and drinks are indispensable ingredients in exhibiting our hospitality towards each other. The proper combination of food and beverages will not only showcase their flavors but also enhance the combined taste to something beyond expectation.

The complexities of flavors and the effects of their combinations are intricately complex and require a lot of patience and experimentation to begin to understand. Fortunately, this article will get you started on your path towards discovering your flavor combinations.


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