5 Cooking Classes for Asheville Couples

Preparing a meal along with your significant other is a unique way to share an intimate moments together. Whether the occasion is celebratory or simply an opportunity to converse about your day, cooking together and enjoying your meal is a wonderful way for the both of you to reconnect and bond. From cooking in a 1930’s log cabin, to having a view of the Smoky Mountains while you prepare your dinner, a couples cooking experience would be the perfect way to gain the skills to create memorable date nights often, even at home.

The Asheville Kitchen

If you are interested in sprucing up your cooking skills, there is no one better to instruct you than Chef Brian Ross. Chef Ross has an impressive resume that includes being the Head Culinary Instructor at L’Academie de Cuisine for 2 years, as well as his time as a Chef at the Biltmore Estate Bistro and the Inn on Biltmore. Thai Street Food, a Creole Dinner, French Macarons and a Sicilian Dinner Party are some of the creative classes you can take part in at The Asheville Kitchen. Classes typically last around 2 ½ hours and cost $60-75 a person per class. Couples classes are also available and start at $140 per couple. Bonus: you are allowed to bring your own wine or beer to your class.

The Asheville Kitchen
Couple’s Cooking at The Asheville Kitchen. Photo credit: The Asheville Kitchen

Ofri’s Home Cooking/Asheville Mountain Kitchen

A self-taught cook, Ofri combines relatability with an expansive knowledge of Mediterranean foods based off her travels in Asia; including hands on learning in India, Thailand and China. Participants will be able to admire the Smoky Mountain views from class, held in a laid-back, home setting. Class topics fall within Ofri’s specialty, such as Principles of the Mediterranean Diet, Indian Cooking and Thai Cooking. For a fun twist, a “Summer Series – Cooking and a Concert” class has been added monthly through August consisting of 1 ½ hours of appetizer preparation along with a musical concert lasting 2 hours. Cost for all classes is $65 per person or $110 a couple per class.

The Mountain Kitchen Cooking
Prepare mouth watering meals. Photo credit: The Mountain Kitchen Cooking

Log Cabin Cooking

A truly unique cooking class, Log Cabin Cooking is exactly as it sounds: cooking classes held in a 1930’s log cabin, in a retro-kitchen containing an abundance of cast iron and vintage kitchen items. Your instructor is Barbara Swell, who is armed with a lifetime of experience in what she calls old-timey cooking, heirloom gardening and gathering. She sources the ingredients used in her classes from organic and local places, sometimes even coming from her own garden. She has written over 10 cookbooks on everything from cookies to pies and breads. Her classes are hands on and class size is capped at 8 people, keeping the environment intimate. Topics include Fresh Farmhouse Cheesemaking, Antique Wood Cookstove Cookin‘ and Cooking with Cast Iron. Most classes are $50 a person and include all ingredients and a printed copy of recipes used. If you’re lucky, you may leave with one of her books, too.

Log Cabin Cooking
Campfire Cooking Classes. Photo credit: Log Cabin Cooking

Cottage Cooking

Offering an extensive array of cuisines, special diet accommodations and class types, Cottage Cooking specializes in the dinner party and hold their classes in a newly restored 1950’s ranch home in North Asheville. Vegan Venue, Cooking with Beer, Gluten-Free Guests, Magic of India, and Taste of Italy are some of the many courses that are regularly offered. Classes are small – never exceeding 4 attendees – and prices range from $50-90. You are welcome to bring your own wine or beer to class.

Cottage Cooking Asheville
Having fun in the kitchen at Cottage Cooking Asheville. Photo credit: Cottage Cooking Asheville

The Farmer’s Hands

This stunning farm has one of the most rustic yet charming cooking class experiences you will find in the Asheville area where Sebastiaan and Ariel Zijp offer up their homestead to share their love of food and farming. This unique cooking school provides everything from how to prepare Indian dishes to Pasta making from scratch to open fire cooking. Sebastian has spent most of his life in culinary arts with such experience ranging from his parent’s kitchen to New York City’s most acclaimed and admired restaurants. A familiar, warm experience is what you’ll find in Sebastian’s classes as he fills the room with cheerful story telling and laughter. The cost per class ranges from $120 – $75 or custom cooking classes for two are $200. Date Night!

The Farmer's Hands
Elegant dining with The Farmer’s Hands. Photo credit: The Farmer’s Hands


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