7 Ways To Have A Family Date In Asheville

Overdue for date night? Whether you can’t get a babysitter or the kids are simply pleading to come along, sometimes a family date is just what you need. Or, maybe it’s holiday break from school and you want to soak up more time all with of your loves — your partner and littles alike. You can bring the kids on a “date” and still focus on one another with your munchkins in tow. Seriously!

Enjoying time with each other with the kids around is totally doable. Here are family date ideas that also allow for semi-intimate adult moments.


I love museums for many reasons. They are fantastic for expanding the curiosity of young brains and are also great for sparking up new conversation between lovers. Let the kids explore while you stroll behind, hand in hand. Be sure to pause and talk about a painting at  Asheville Art Museum, or Asheville Science Museum.

Kiddos lining up at the Asheville Science Museum.


Seriously, who doesn’t love ice cream? An ice cream date for the family is a great way to get out with the kids and have fun.  And Asheville has no shortage of fun ice cream places!  The Hop Creamery holds a regular Kid’s Dance Party every Wednesday, 6:30-8pm.   Set the little ones up with their favorite flavor and let them burn it off with some dancing.  They will be entertained and happy while you and your significant other carve out a little time for conversation.  Some other great ice cream spots are Ultimate, Frostbite and Sunshine Sammies.

Wednesday Dance Party at The Hop. 6:30-8pm every Wednesday! Photo Credit: The Hop


Play together!  Asheville has no shortage of creative and fun things to do with kids.  Check out the Pinball Museum, then walk over to Well Played for board games and a beer.  Or try an escape room at Fox-n-Otter and work together to break out of a room!  For smaller kiddos, try Mountain Play Lodge where there is comfy seating and plenty of room for the kids to run around while the adults sip coffee.  Spend your time planning an adult game night soon!

Kids playing at Asheville’s Pinball Museum. Photo Credit: Daniel Stein


Bowling is fun, both for the competition and humor of it.   Take the kids bowling at Skylanes in West Asheville or AMF Star Lanes in Asheville.  Once you’re worn out (and the kids are not), order some greasy food with no regrets and watch the kids throw gutters.

Local, Bill Sinkovic and his family at Skylanes in West Asheville. Photo Credit: Bill Sinkovic


Head to a u-pick farm for fresh fruit picking with the apples of your eye. Let the kiddos pick a few bushes from you so you can feed your love strawberries and smooches. This flavorful date is great in and of itself but, for an added cherry on top, use your fruit to harvest even more fun by incorporating picking into an ice cream sundae bar when you get home.

U-Pick Farms:
Zimmerman’s Berry Farm, Marshall, NC
Dogwood Hills Farm, Weaverville, NC
McKinney Small Fruit, Mills River, NC
Cloud 9 Farm, Fletcher, NC
Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Fairview NC
Long Branch Environmental Education Center, Leicester, NC

Apple picking at Hickory Nut Gap Farm. Photo Credit: Rich Orris


Asheville offers outdoor movies and concerts throughout the Summer.  What’s more romantic than sitting on a blanket outside, under the stars and enjoying a good flick or mood music? Asheville Outdoor Cinema does a summer series at Carrier Park.  The Biltmore also hosts an outdoor concert series in the summer.  Too cold outside?  Check out Orange Peel’s family movie nights!  Not to mention I suggest bringing two blankets if the kids are in tow, and use one just for the two of you. Pack some snacks for the kids and cheese and wine for you.

Summer Concert Series at the Biltmore. Photo Credit: Explore Asheville


Seek out a local bike path and hit the road for an awesome day! We know that kids love to bike and being in the fresh air is good for your heart and soul too. Carrier Park has a great, level bike path for kids and adults, as well as playgrounds.  Check out all the Asheville area parks here.  What could pave the way for more awesomeness? A picnic. Plan to stop at a park or playground with a nice grassy area. Lay out a blanket, and enjoy a bite together while the kids play.  The Biltmore also has great bike paths with plenty to do for the whole family!

Family bike ride in Carrier Park. Photo Credit: Winslow Dean


  •  Think about activities that the kids love and just find a way to sneak in some one-on-one time.
  • Work family date night as you would a standard double date. Talk with your kids, but also engage in great sidebar conversations with your partner.
  • Listening is an important part of date night. Let both your partner and kids be heard.
  • PDA is cool (within reason of course). Feel free to let kisses and hugs flow — for all.
  • Pat yourself on the back for being clever. Odds are the kids are loving the moments of independence during family date night too. It’s a win-win for all.

Written in conjunction with Jennie Clarke with Date Night Guide

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