Asheville Curbside Orange Wine is a Riot

There’s no doubt that date nights in Asheville are unfolding very differently these days. With all ten fingers crossed, this pandemic situation will soon come to an end and we can all get back to business as usual. It’s a good thing we live in Asheville, NC where businesses are pivoting their services and goods, getting creative with how they provide it to you because many of them are determined to make things work, no matter what.

This even includes Asheville’s watering holes like Bottle Riot, a local wine bar in the River Arts District. Not only have they survived major changes to their brand, but they are also continuing to offer up to the public delicious bottles of wine for curbside pick up or delivery. Yes, hand-delivered by Lauri (the owner) herself.

One of the best things about Bottle Riot is its location. Properly placed in the heart of Asheville, which I consider the River Arts District, this handsome wine bar neighbors a handful of Asheville’s top foodie restaurants such as Bull and Beggar, All Souls Pizza and Vivian. Three restaurants that have won my heart over time and time again.

Plan Ahead

So, what’s the best way to effortlessly create a notably delicious and topnotch date night to-go? Call ahead or order online then head to the RAD to collect your bounty. Upgrade your outing by planning ahead for a picnic in one of the riverside parks such as French Broad Park or Carrier Park. Not an outdoorsy person? Simply return home to enjoy your feast and wine in the comfort of your own dining style. We recommend a riverside picnic because why not?

Why Bottle Riot?

The wine pick-up is the very opposite of complicated. And the thoughtful, polished wine list is exquisite. Lauri and Barrett Nichols have poured their hearts and souls into designing and shapeshift a much desirable wine menu so that there’s something for everyone and every dish. Everything from crisp sparkling bubbles to deep, voluptuous reds, Bottle Riot’s wine list is not one to be missed. We suggest ordering online after you’ve order your take-out food, that way you know which wine direction you’re headed.

Our Suggestions?

Have you heard the news about orange wines? Orange wine, also known as amber wine, is made of white grapes where the skins remain in contact with the juices for days or even months. Sound intriguing? It is. And pleasant tasting too. These wines are all the rave and hottest wine trend, which has even been picked up by Hollywood – the Netflix series ‘Dead to Me’ cameo’s it in the second season, go check it out. But seriously, orange wine? OMG, Yasss! If you love zesty, dry white wines or dry, fruitlicious rosès, then you’ll absolutely adore orange wine.

To start it off – the Slovenian Grape Abduction orange wine. The first thing we noticed was how amazing the label was. We couldn’t wait to get home and unscrew the lid! This wine is made mostly from a secret blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling which for all your dry white wine lovers, this is a no brainer. Pair this wine with shellfish, seafood, cured meats or antipasti appetizers. We picked All Souls Pizza (although temporarily closed), the prosciutto pizza and the garlic sausage and fennel pizzas. Oh my word, I cannot tell you how heavenly this pairing was to taste. The label on this bottle of Grape Abduction says it all. Out. Of. This. World.

Although you’ll need to save this date for a day when All Souls Pizza re-opens.

Costadila 330slm 2017, Pet Nat Orange Wine. $35

Next up?

Our second orange wine was from Germany. Are you willing to try something out of the ordinary? Then travel to Germany to sip on a deliciously ‘Naked White,’ a white blend of chardonnay, and a variety of other white grapes. This wine is amongst the top 99% of all wines in the world which is not something you’d expect from this region of Europe. Ordering seafood from Vivian or Bull and Beggar? The beautiful notes of apples, pears, citrus and grapefruit are suttle because of the mixed earth tones of honey and minerally flavors. Seafood is begging to be paired with this dry, medium acidity wine. You’ll savor every sip.

Heinrich Naked White. Orange Wine. $23

So, now that you know what to do, what are you having for dinner tonight? Grab a large, heavy picnic blanket, a basket with fabric napkins, utensils and wine cups, get creative and order online today. At Bottle Riot, let the ‘orange wine-ing’ begin!





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