Asheville Dates for Your Dog!

Here at Asheville Date Night, we are huge dog lovers! Between the two of us, we have four lovely pups. We are thrilled that so many of you have added four-legged furry friends to your family during this interesting time!

To support you with your new bundle of joy, we have rounded up some of our favorite ways to let our canines date in Asheville with you and with other pups! 

Ruff Life AVL

Any conversation about dogs has to include Ruff Life AVL, the premier dog trainer of Asheville! Not only is Tessa and her team phenomenal trainers, but they also offer incredible must-have services for both you and your pup.

Tessa can handle them all!

Ruff Life Services

  1. Group Training
    1. This is a great way for your dog to learn basic and intermediate skills while also meeting new friends. You are welcome to make it a family affair so everyone can learn how to help your dog learn how to sit, heel, stay, leave it and so much more! Groups are limited to keep the learning at an optimal level, so sign up quickly before space runs out! This is also an incredible way to help your dog learn to behave while in the presence of other puppies. Dogs of all ages are welcome.
  2. 1:1 Services
    1. The trainer comes to you! That’s right! From the comfort of your home, you will learn incredible ways to make life with Fido even sweeter. This is especially helpful if you have a behavior at your home that you are wishing to correct. 
  3. Socialization
    1. This is my dogs’ favorite! When I have a busy day of meetings, they get to play with their friends! With options for full or half days, socialization is an incredible way for your dog to burn off energy, learn how to behave well around all different types of dogs, and possibly even learn some new behaviors.  
  4. Train & Board
    1. Vacation anyone? As we start to head out to campgrounds and Airbnbs, you may find yourself in search of someone to help watch your pup. What if you could return from vacation to a well-trained dog? How magical would that be? Train & Board is when Ruff Life works with your dog while you’re on vacation to improve behaviors most important to you and your family. Tessa herself also specializes in aggressive dogs, so if this is a challenge you are facing, she is the perfect trainer for you! 

Follow Ruff Life AVL on Instagram and Facebook to learn about upcoming classes and additional services they plan to add in the near future! It is also great simply just to fil your feed with adorable dog photos.

Dog Play Dates

You can take them to the top of the world!

First, let’s talk about our dog on dog dates! There are many incredible places for your pup to play with their other four-legged friends. We personally love: 

  • French Broad Dog Park – Right on the river, this dog park is easily accessible for most Asheville residents and is one of the more active dog parks in our area. Before or after their off-leash fun, dogs on leash enjoy a great 2.4-mile walk from French Broad River Greenway over to Carrier Park. 
  • Fletcher Dog Park – Right outside of South Asheville, Fletcher park has a smaller dog playground with less attendance but an abundance of sun and grass. There are also nearly 4 miles of walking trails for leashed dogs to explore with you! 

Dog-Friendly Hikes

We LOVE hiking with our dogs. There are very few trails we don’t take them on. You can always consult Asheville Trails or All Trails for rules on dogs hiking specific areas. However, here are a few of our favorite hikes with our pups!

Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof. I did!

Double Dog Dates

Many breweries, bars and restaurants are dog-friendly in Asheville! When in doubt, just ask. Here are a few noteworthy places where you, other humans and your dogs can all get together for double dates! 

Photo credit: @battery_park_book_exchange

Other Doggie Resources

Patton Avenue Pet Co.
  • Asheville Veterinary Associates – With two Asheville locations, these offices offer exceptional care at affordable prices for your dogs, including flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. 
  • MedVet (formerly known as REACH) – Is open 24/7 for any dog-related emergencies. Hopefully, you’ll never need to go to MedVet but, they’re there if you need them.
  • Patton Ave Pet Company – Patton Ave Pet has got you covered with toys, food and treats! We are personally huge fans of the freedom harness and Barking Buddha beef cheek treats they offer! With a recent expansion, you can also utilize their self-wash station for easy doggie baths. Also, the staff is outstanding and will help you find exactly what you are looking for, from CBD treats to help your pup through a thunderstorm to brain games for our high energy friends. 

We hope you have incredible adventures with your canine! Be sure to tag @ashevilledatenight so we can see where you take your dog next! 


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