Asheville Insta-Love Feature: Amy Kosh

Scrolling through Instagram while drinking coffee or tucking ourselves into bed has become a way to visually connect with folks all over the world. It’s also a fun way to connect locally, glimpsing into the world we share with others. Our new monthly feature, Asheville Insta-Love, will highlight one Asheville Instagrammer, sharing favorite photos from their feed. We’re thrilled to have Amy Kosh, Lifecoach, writer, teacher and poet, share her Insta-Love with us!

Who I am?

I am a visionary, writer/blogger, coach who helps people and businesses flourish by connecting them to their vision for the future.

Well, Good Morning!

What I do?

I help people to live their Unstoppable Life by feeling powerful and deeply connected to their authentic self. I bring a “no BS” approach to coaching, writing and education, through blogging, online programs, public talks and 1:1 coaching.

Walking my dog at Biltmore is a huge bonus to living here.
I love that there are so many places to sit, think and write. Some of my faves are Odd’s, Summit and Izzy’s.
I am always inspired to connect with larger groups and get everyone involved in the conversation. I had a great time presenting at AVL Pechachucka on Finding Your Life’s Purpose.
One of my favorite things about being here is being able to head up the Blue Ridge Pkwy and do some hiking and meditating during the week.

How long you’ve been in Asheville?

I moved here 3 years ago from the Northeast. I’ve lived up and down the East Coast and in Italy, and am happy to have landed here in these beautiful mountains!

It’s great to be meeting so many wonderful people here who are willing to hike with me on the spur of the moment.

Why Do I Love This City?

First and foremost the people! I love that I can talk to people about all kinds of topics from quantum physics, to literature to beer and food and music of all kinds. There’s so much to do here that is available and free that more often than not it’s hard to pick the event for the day. That blows me away in a city of this size!

The food trucks here are AMAZING! And so are the chefs who run them.
Let’s not forget the donuts….. YUM!
There are magical places tucked away in every corner of this city. Places that let you breathe and quietly take in nature at your own pace.
Even my dog, Velo has been meeting interesting characters around this town!

Where can we find you?

My life coaching site is – – This is what I do for a living these days after decades in the photo industry.

My blog is: Blog

Medium (everything from life coaching and positive psychology to poetry, prose and book reviews) – Unstoppablelife

Instagram – @amykosh1

Twitter – anolimitlife

FB Personal – amy.kosh

FB Business – AnUnstoppableLife


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