Bar Taco’s Best Kept Secret by Kirby Morris

Bartaco asheville

It’s no exaggeration that Asheville is home to an endless array of restaurants, with new ones popping up every week. Andrew and I have tried and loved so much good food in the 828 and one spot that’s really working it’s way into our hearts is Bartaco. We’ve been invited in a couple of times for lunch and have always left with deliciously full bellies.

bartaco asheville
Bartaco. Photo Credit: Kirby Morris
bartaco asheville
Photo Credit: Jen Brooks


Something Bartaco doesn’t advertise is their ‘Secret Taco,’ a rotating chef’s special that always seems to push the envelope. You either have to know to ask for it or write it in yourself when you fill out your order form. It’s such a fun way to try new foods with an element of surprise!  So far Andrew and I have discovered their Crispy Avocado Taco, and more recently their Lamb Taco, a street style taco with all the fixins of a classic gyro.

bartaco asheville
Photo Credit: Kirby Morris

Some other favorites are the Portobello, Crispy Rock Shrimp, Duck, Cauliflower and the Tuna Tatako (sushi lover’s taco). The tacos are very affordable, ranging from $2.50 to $4 depending on the toppings. We recommend ordering a taco smorgasbord for sharing!  Go for a few tacos you know you’ll love, then get risky with some newbies tacos.

Bartaco Asheville
Tuna Tatako. Photo Credit: Kirby Morris

Cocktails & Patio

The cocktails are all made to order with freshly squeezed tropical juices. My personal favorite is the Paloma Fresca, a refreshing grapefruit cocktail that pairs delightfully with fresh guacamole and chips!  The margarita and Mojito are also fresh, crisp and not too sweet!  Take your cocktails to the large patio with comfy seating and stone fireplace for an added romantic vibe.  A cocktail and a view can go a long way!

Bartaco Asheville
Enjoy a margarita on the stone patio. The fireplace is perfect for those cool evenings. Photo Credit: Susan Hoag


Kirby Morris is a personal style blogger who moved to Asheville from Southern California in April 2017 with her boyfriend Andrew and her dog Divot.  Giving smaller town living a try in Asheville, North Carolina, Kirby is an adventurer at heart.  She writes about her love of all things fashionable and affordable on her blog

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