Celebrate Self: A Galentine’s Day ‘Do Good Date Night’ for Helpmate of Asheville

Existing as a woman in the modern world is demanding, emotional and down-right difficult at times. Being a single woman with a past and trying to have a healthy dating career is also challenging. How do we create the life we want and attract the right partner all while caring for ourselves? It’s not easy, but it’s completely 100% doable!

Raise your hand if you want to learn more about embodying self-care in your life and creating healthy dating habits while interacting and mingling with other amazing women?

Whether you’re going through a break-up, single and dating or currently in a relationship, this Galentine’s Day event is for you. Join Asheville Date Night and Helpmate of Asheville for our first ‘Do Good Date Night’ event in 2020. This will be an educational self-care, fun-filled evening of connecting with other women so that we can all celebrate being uniquely ourselves!

This event is happening Galentine’s Day, February 13th, 6 – 8 pm. Doors open at 5 pm for early mingling and hair braiding. Come treat yourself to a new ‘do!’  GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

Helpmate of Asheville

Who is Helpmate and what do they do? Helpmate of Asheville is a wonderful, local nonprofit providing services to survivors of domestic violence in Buncombe County. Helpmate is a proud onsite partner at the Buncombe County Family Justice Center (FJC), located at 35 Woodfin St in Asheville. Survivors of domestic abuse are welcome to walk-in to access Helpmate’s services Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at the FJC.

Here at Asheville Date Night, we’re compelled to tell everyone we can about the amazingly important work the folks at Helpmate are doing for women in our community who desperately need their support. Helpmate is providing the tools to work through trauma, teaching how to apply self-care and why it is all so important to move on with their lives to empower women to take back their happiness.

Not only do we want to highlight what Helpmate is doing, we realize so many women, single or in a relationship, are needing the same empowerment tools to better themselves whether it’s through self-care awareness, loving one’s self, connecting with other women, yoga, meditation and embodied breathe work.

So come to this event, It’s for you!

Who:  Asheville Date Night, Helpmate of Asheville, and Aloft Hotel

What: Galentine’s Day: ‘Do Good Date Night’ for Helpmate of Asheville

When: Thursday, February 13th, 6 – 8pm, doors open at 5pm for welcoming mingling, hair braiding and hello’s!

Where: Aloft Hotel
51 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 232-2838

Why: To empower women everywhere in support of Helpmate. This is a fundraiser and awareness campaign for Helpmate of Asheville for the incredible work they do every day for women surviving and thriving from domestic violence abuse situations.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Helpmate! Get your tickets here now!

Love self. Connect with your self.

What to Expect

  • Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville is providing the space, free snacks and specialty Galentine’s Day cocktails at their new cash bar.
  • Hair Braiding by Genna Parker. Genna is bringing her braiding expertise because helping women feel beautiful is what she does best. Follow her on IG @hairbygennaparker. Be sure to show up early at 5 pm if you want to take advantage of the styling.
  • A photo booth created by Aloft for you to grab your best gals and strike a pose to post to your favorite social media platform for everyone to see how fabulous you are!
  • 30-minute Pure Yoga exercises with the basics of breath and movement lead by the yoga experts at Pure Yoga. Dress appropriately or bring a change of clothes. We have limited mats so, BRING A MATT with you!
  • Yummy cakes by the very new South Asheville Bakery Nothing Bundt Cakes.
  • A speaker from Helpmate on what they are doing and why it is important!
  • Sarah Poet – 30 Minute exercise on Embodied Breathe. What is Embodied Breathe? Embodied Breathe means to feel the embodied ‘yes’ and the embodied ‘no.’ Or how to tell the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ in the body.” Tuning in. Listening to what your real truth is for yourself.
  • YogaBucha Koffucha and Kombucha Tea Shots with Rosie Greene Mulford.
  • Mixing and mingling with other amazing women living in Asheville.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We want to give a big shout out to all the organizations making this event possible. Please come support your local non-profit while connecting with other women, loving yourself and giving yourself the care and support you need to live the most fulfilling life possible.

Aloft Hotel

Nestled downtown Asheville between Biltmore and Lexington Avenue, the folks at Aloft Hotel are thrilled to open up their space for this incredible gathering of women for a great cause. Although they are in the midst of renovating, they have created a sacred space for women to come together for Helpmate.



Aloft Hotel
51 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 232-2838


Interested in a staycation? Aloft Hotel is the perfect spot to create that experience especially in the Summer months where you can take advantage of their newly renovated rooftop pool. We recommend booking a poolside room.

Sarah Poet

Sarah Poet is the creator and founder of Embodied Breathe, LLC, helping individuals, couples, and organizations to more consciously relate to themselves and one another. Sarah’s experience of having lost her first child to adoption at the age of 19, engaging in a decade-long quest to “get it right” that resulted in absolute depletion, and eventually leaving a career to remember the truth of what calls to her soul has lead her to this passion of helping other women walk their own path of what she’s termed Sacred Remembering. (Also the name of Sarah’s new podcast!)

Sarah Poet believes that every woman has a Truth that she’s not sharing. How we live in relationship to that truth may mean the difference between a life well lived and one of facade. In a world of rising women, let us own our truths – safely, together, and with & for one another. We truly rise together, when each of us honors the truth within.

Sarah will be leading us through a 30-minute Embodied Breathe exercise from 7 – 7:30pm.

What is Embodied Breathe? Embodied Breathe means to feel the embodied ‘yes’ and the embodied ‘no.’ Or how to tell the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ in the body.” Tuning in. Listening to what your real truth is for yourself.

She writes raw & truthy pieces investigating life, love, and the experience of the human soul through memoir and poetry at www.sarahpoet.com. To investigate private healing & mentorship opportunities, request a consult for your organization, hire Sarah to speak, listen to her podcast, listen to her recent TEDx talk, sign up for emails, and more, visit her practice page at www.yourembodiedbreathe.com.

Yoga Bucha

Yoga Bucha is a delicious local creation by local yogi Rosie Greene Mulford. Rosie is dedicated to creating small-batch organic kombucha because ‘Sound Body equals a Sound Mind.’ Mindfulness both whole and small will create the life you want. Just ask Rosie.
Why “Yoga” Bucha? Natural, sustainable, and local. The yogi is not only in tune with themselves, but with the world that surrounds us. The same concept of working with nature and staying in balance with the laws of the universe at large can be applied to every facet of life, so why not with what we consume too? Where can you find more Yoga Bucha?

Asheville Community Yoga
Asheville Yoga Center
Round Earth Roasters
Asheville Racquet Club South
Market Center
Primal Studios
Underdog Fitness & Performance
Burning Blush Brewery
Trout Lily Deli*Market


Nothing Bundt Cakes

Opening January 31st in South Asheville! Nothing Bundt Cakes is Asheville’s newest little bakery to get your perfect little cake for that special occasion, birthday or just because. It’s a sweet spot you will die to try.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
1838 Hendersonville Road
Suite A-102
Asheville, NC 28803







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