Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Sometimes going out on Valentine’s Day is an invitation for a bit of chaos, traffic and a long wait if someone forgot to make a reservation. Are you struggling to find a sitter or perhaps trying to stick to that 2020 budget goal? Why not skip the traditional dinner out activities and opt for a night in full of your favorite things?  If you are searching for ideas to switch things up, don’t worry! We are excited to play Cupid this February and share our favorite ideas with you!

Cook Together 

Whether you get real fancy or stick to something simple, get your aprons on and join each other side by side in the kitchen. 

You could:

  • Create a heart-shaped pizza with all your favorite toppings. Or better yet, each makes the other the pizza of their dreams! When you roll the dough yourself, you can be creative as ever with the shape. We’ve even seen folks cut their pepperoni into hearts!! The options are endless!
  • Star in your own episode of Chopped! Perhaps you make a single basket together or one each, but follow the rules of the show and create a dish including all the items in your basket. What could one do with chocolate chips and marinated artichokes?

Play together

How often do you get to play these days? Now, we are defining play in child’s terms here, the adult version comes later (wink, wink). 

We recommend:

  • Pulling out those dusty board games or grabbing a new one at the store to learn together. 
  • Get ready for your American Idol audition with an epic karaoke night!
  • Get out your kiddos markers, crayons and paints and create portraits of one another. These you’ll want to frame!

Travel down memory lane

Think about: 

  • Filling out a couples journal together! How cool will this be to revisit next year, over even several years down the road?
  • Scroll through old photos. Whether old photos are from last week or your wedding 10 years ago, reflect and remember past times together. Perhaps you do this cozied up under a blanket on the couch with your favorite beverage of choice in hand!
  • Turn your living room into your very own ballroom and dance to your favorite songs! If you don’t have “your song” yet, maybe tonight is the night you discover it!

Spa Night

Now we are spicing things up. Are you ready for this? Yea you could shell out some cash for a professional couples massage, but why do that when you have each other?

Why not: 

  • Offer each other a massage or foot rub! Maybe you even dive all in and do both! Grab your favorite lotion or massage oil, set the scene with cozy blankets, warmth and nice scents. Then take turns. Perhaps you even head over to Pinterest or YouTube to find some tutorials.
  • Do you have a tub big enough for both of you? Then draw yourselves a bubble bath! Add some Epsom salts or essential oils to really set the mood. Put on some relaxing tunes and enjoy the tranquility together. Not enough room in the bath? Take a sexy shower together…and see where the steam takes you.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day this year, know that you are love and we love you!


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