5 Asheville Tours Locals Love

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Looking for Asheville tours, but don’t know where to start?  We’ve complied a list of Asheville tours that check out with both locals and tourists alike.  There is something for everyone and each tour has it’s own unique experience to offer.

LaZoom Comedy Tours

Asheville Tour
Photo Credit: Lazoom Comedy Tour

You’ve seen the nun riding a too tall bicycle through the streets of downtown Asheville, right?  Then you’ve witnessed a small slice of big comedy brought to by LaZoom Comedy Tours.  This Asheville tour will have you in stitches and keep you entertained the whole ride.

They offer four kinds of tours to suit your fancy:  The City Comedy Tour, the Kid’s Comedy Tour (3 and under free),  the Haunted Comedy Tour and the Beer and Band Bus tour (21+). The last LaZoom tour I did was a Mother’s Day tour where I sipped wine and clutched a box of condoms that they made me hold after finding out I was a mother to four children.  Come ready to laugh, both at your funny guide and yourself.  Lazoom Tours

Amazing Pubcycle

Asheville Tour
Photo Credit: The Amazing Pubcycle

A guaranteed way to snort-laugh while drinking beer and pedaling for your life. Okay, not your life, necessarily.  Put your FitBits away, you wont be burning calories on this bike ride. The pubcycle has a motor that will get you up those pesky downtown hills.  All you have to worry about is what kind of beer you’re going bring to sip while you “pedal.”  And if you want to make a few pitstops at local bars, you’re in luck!  There are two options: The Nomad tours are $15 and make a 40 min tour of downtown Asheville where you can take it all in without stopping.  The Pub tours are $25 and get you 1.5 hours of downtown pedaling, with two 15 min pit stops to grab a drink.  Both tours are BYOB (no liquor).   An Asheville bucket list check for sure!  The Amazing Pubcycle

Asheville Brews Cruise

Asheville Brews Cruise Tour
Photo Credit: Asheville Brews Cruise

Are you a beer lover, but want to up your beer game?  This is the Asheville tour for you.  It’s a 4 hour tour that will give you an enlightened history on beer and a behind the scenes look at the brewing process.  Wait, it gets better. You get to educate yourself while sampling a wide variety of beer from several breweries in Asheville.  By the end, your pallet will be opened up and able to pair beers with food.  This enables you to say you’re a beer connoisseur, upping your cool game among friends.   Asheville Tours are $60/ person and will give you more than an ample sampling of beer to keep you happy and informed along the way!   Asheville Brews Cruise

Haunted Asheville

asheville tours
Photo Credit: Haunted Asheville

In the mood to get chills?  Haunted Asheville will give you both chills and thrills with their walking tours throughout Asheville.  There are two different tours, one more family friendly than the other.  The Classic Walking Tour is 2 hours and will walk you safely through the streets of downtown Asheville.  Want to step outside the bounds of a classic tour?  The Supernatural Tour is for adults who have an interest in the darker sides of Asheville. Ghosts, rituals, witchcraft and folklore, handed down from the early settlers of Asheville.  These spooky tours will give you an appreciation for Asheville’s colorful history and folklore.  Haunted Asheville Ghost Tours

No Taste Like Home Wild Food Tour

Think “Survivor Meets Iron Chef….”  Hunting and gathering is an age old practice that connects us with human survival and gratitude for earth’s bounty.  This unique dining adventure will show you 10-12 wild foods available in the surrounding wild areas of Asheville. You’ll forage seasonal offerings like edible greens, berries, flowers, mushrooms, fruits, nuts, seeds.  Then you get to sample your bounty!  Asheville Wild Food Tours

asheville tours
Photo Credit: Asheville Wild Food Tour

Tours are offered in regular, mini and private sessions:

  • The Regular Wild Food Tour (3 hrs) This tour will take you 20-30 minutes outside of Asheville into lush areas, perfect for foraging.  You’ll learn the art of gathering and discover all the edible foods around that you never knew were there. Enjoy a sampling of what you gathered and take your bounty home to your own kitchen or a partnering restaurant will prepare it for you. $75 adult/$30 Child
  • The Mini Wild Food Tour (1.5 hrs) Taking place on the grounds of the famous Omni Grove Park Inn, this mini-tour will introduce you to half a dozen wild edibles.  Afterwards, you have the option to dine at the Omni’s sunset view restaurant, Vue 1913, which includes a complimentary appetizer featuring the wild foods you just met.  $40 Adult/$15 Child
  • The Private Wild Food Tour (3 hrs) Private tours are similar to the regular tour, only letting you tailor the experience to your interests.   For example, if you would prefer to take a longer hike, or focus on medicinal uses of wild plants, you can customize that.  Private tours start at $450 for up to six adults (and $75 for each additional adult).

Feature Image Photo Credit: Lazoom

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