How to Spend Time Together with at Home Dates in Asheville

We applaud all who are doing their best in these unusual times so we here at ADNG want to continue to support, inspire and encourage the positive energy circling around this difficult time in our city. No matter how much this pandemic situation is affecting you and your family, we recognize the positive connection between us all – we’re all in this together so let’s continue to be #ashevillestrong by checking in on one another, reaching out through social media, phone, or facetime.

Use online technology to research ideas and learn new skills.

We are confident that this too will pass quickly and may the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation. Love each other, support each other, be wonderful to one another. Including local businesses. Purchase a gift card for future date nights and order to-go food or have food delivered to someone you want to surprise!

What are some ways to have productive in-home dates?

Here are 10 ideas to get you rolling:

1. Cook together, teach the kiddos how to bake cookies, make breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

2. Read books together

3. Color Mandala together

4. Plants seeds for your spring garden

Work on your landscape together.

5. Finish that home project you started years ago

6. Clean and fold laundry together

7. Watch educational tutorials to learn new skills together

8. Start a new hobby

9. Start writing in that empty journal

10. Do online exercises, yoga or hit the trails for some much-needed movement. Need a great resource for online yoga? Asheville Community Yoga has you covered!

Even kids can get centered for mind, body and spirit.

There are plenty more ways to be productive at home and we are here to encourage any new ideas or ways to share space, work together and honor this time we have to be apart yet connected through creative online technology.

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