Intimate, Sexy and Full of Spice: Salsas

Downtown Asheville is home to numerous local restaurants dishing out plates filled with homegrown ingredients that are packed with flavors, leaving your taste buds surprised and excited for more! How do you choose from all the menus lining Biltmore and Patton Avenue?

It may be easy to pass the bright yellow and red sign if you don’t know the history behind the wall of windows. The dining room may look small from the street, but the intimate and earthy space is mindfully decorated with a Cuban influence and art from local artist, Dustin Spagnola. Vibrant with local flavor and history, Salsas is an Asheville Mexican-Caribbean bistro and culinary pioneer founded by Chef Hector Diaz in 1994 where you will find fresh, local, farm-raised ingredients with lots of Latin love.

Artwork by local artist Dustin Spagnola.

Salt or no salt? Either way we highly recommend starting out on a sour note. Although this was a working lunch date, one of us splurged on the house Margarita, because why not? The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in Asheville and for good reason. Salsas is combining fresh citrus squeezed daily and the sweetness of triple sec with the distinctive strength of Sauza tequila, which strikes the right chord setting the tune for the rest of your day.

We highly recommend adding the Habanero to your House Margarita – worth the extra cost!

In a recent visit, our team met for a weekday lunch and was warmly welcomed by all staff. Our server quickly recommended concentrating on the daily specials printed on a blue paper before making our selections from the main menu. He gave a shout-out to the slow roasted pork and we quickly order the Pork Tostada starter for the table. He again shared his enthusiasm as we began to order lunch, Chicken Pupusa for Samm, a Pom Pom Pom for Jenn and a Burrito for Jackson.

left to right, slow roasted pork Pom Pom Pom, Pork Burrito, and Chicken Pupusa
Pork Tostada starter ancho sauce, mixed cheese, garlic-mojo, pico de gallo.

The conversation came to a halt as we enjoyed each bite exploding with flavor, only pausing to take sips of our decadent drinks, including their homemade ginger brew. Manager, Nalda stopped by to talk to us about the rich history, vibrant menu, new dining room, and bathroom renovations as well as their allergy friendly choices. She shared with us her journey with Salsas while hustling to ensure all other guests dining were enjoying themselves just as much as we were.

Chef Hector doesn’t limit his talents to Salsas but shares his talents at two other local restaurants you must visit. You can find him at Modesto on Page Avenue and Bomba in Pack Square.

Make sure to visit Salsas for your next date night or work lunch to devour exquisite Mexican and Caribbean dishes in an intimate space, rich with 25 years of Asheville history.

6 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-9805


Monday – Thursday: 11:30 – 4pm; 5 – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:30 – 4pm; 5 – 9:30pm
Sunday: Noon – 4pm; 5 – 9pm


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