Offbeat Ways to Stay Fit in Asheville

Written by: Miranda Hanson, Runner Click Staff Writer

Tired of those boring dates? If you’d like to surprise your partner with an unordinary date, an active day is a perfect way to do it. Replace the cinema, dinner, and wine sipping with some fun outdoor activities. Luckily, Asheville has a lot to offer when it comes to active and romantic lifestyle. So, no matter if you live in Asheville or if you’re just visiting during your vacation or honeymoon, sparkle your relationship with some outdoor adventure.


If you’re an adventurous couple that doesn’t mind some adrenaline, you’ll love ziplining in Asheville. This area is home to some of the steepest and fastest ziplines in America, so you’ll surely have a fun time. It’s best to book a tour that will send you flying between the trees and dropping over the gorges. If you’re lucky to hit a nice, sunny day, you can see all the way to Lake James and Grandfather Mountain. It’s gorgeous and romantic.

Check out these top Ziplining companies in the Asheville area. French Broad Adventures, Navitat Canopy Adventures, Wildwater Asheville Ziplining & Adventure Park, and Asheville Adventure Center.

Navitat your way through the Blue Ridge Mountains with Navitat! Photo credit via Instagram: @navitat


This is probably the most popular activity for all fitness-crazy couples and for all the right reasons. You don’t need any equipment or any special experience. Just grab the best shoes for walking and you’ll have a pleasant and rewarding couple’s adventure. Without good shoes, you won’t really get far, so don’t hesitate to splurge! Once you’re all laced-up, hit any trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway, go waterfall hunting or watch the sunset while in each other’s arms.

Go chasing waterfalls!


Cycling is huge in Asheville. If you’re into road biking or mountain biking, you’ll find an amazing path to follow. Blue Ridge Parkway is perfect for road bikers while those that prefer off-road adventures go to Bent Creek Experimental Forest, Pisgah and Nantahala National Forest that are speckled with great mountain biking trails.

Couples who ride together, stay together! Photo credit via Instagram: @scafellpikeco

Looking for a colorful scenic easy off-road bike ride? The Biltmore property is perfect for couples hoping to cruise flat gravel off-road trails along the French Broad River. The Biltmore biking trails cater to a wide range of biking levels offering everything from smooth, rolling hill roads to advanced single track mountain terrain. Bring a basket full of food, you can have a wonderful picnic on the BRP with a view and is always a nice touch to enjoy the Biltmore landscape.

Find more Scafell Pike Bike Equipment.


If you’re more into water adventures, grab two kayaks and get ready to go exploring the Lake James or French Broad River. You can have a relaxing paddling experience, but you can also take it up a notch and hit Big Creek or Green River and their hardcore narrows which put Asheville on the kayaking map. Once you survive the wild water of Asheville, you can warm up next to the fire and spend the rest of the day cuddling.

Snap great photos of your sweetie.


Not brave enough for whitewater kayaking? Try bellyaking! This crazy sport was invented in Asheville and it involves people lying on their bellies and using arms to paddle face-down down the river. It’s really fun and you’ll undoubtedly have an amazing time without having to learn how to kayak.

A new river adventure is Bellyak! Photo credit via Instagram: @bellyak


If you want something adventurous that requires minimal effort (even fitness freaks need a break day), opt for tubing. Floating down the French Broad River, Deep Creek, Green River or Catawba River is super relaxing and fun. It will allow you to cool off while spending quality time with your partner. If you’re really romantic, you can even hold hands all the way to the end of your route.

Tether up the tubes on the French Broad River!


Asheville is known for its hundreds of waterfalls perfect for a plunge. You can find a remote watering hole that’s a little more private and have a super romantic date. If you’re an active Instagram couple, you’ll love hunting for picture-perfect waterfalls. But, if you prefer to get some real swim action, Lake Lure and Lake James have perfect spots and beautiful sandy beaches for after-swim relaxation.

Beautiful Lake James in Marion.


Not all fitness date ideas in Asheville are confined to summer weather! There are six ski spots in North Carolina and are awfully close to Asheville (a scenic two-hour drive). These resorts offer over 100 trails available from November all the way through February. And there’s nothing more romantic than hitting the slopes and enjoying a warm mug of cocoa with your SO after. Save this for colder days.

Ski Resorts closest to Asheville area Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, Cataloochee Ski Area, Sapphire Valley Ski Resort.

Ski the Wolf! Photo credit via Instagram: @erin_kull

No matter what you prefer – hiking, water activities or winter adventures – you and your fitness-obsessed partner will love all of these active date ideas. So, hit Asheville and enjoy each other’s company to the max.


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