Soaking Up Self Care at Wake Foot Sanctuary

Every day our feet carry us through life. But what do we do for them? They are trapped below us and often don’t get the attention they deserve. When was the last time you took care of your feet? How often do you indulge in a self-care date with your partner, friends, family, or just yourself? Well, here’s your chance!

Most of us don’t frequently pamper ourselves, never mind our feet. Blocking out a chunk of time on your calendar for a day at a spa and then having the spare cash may seem vastly overwhelming and stress-inducing. What is this all about? Getting stressed in planning self-care? Sounds like an oxymoron to us! 

It is time to push inconvenience and expense aside because we have a great way for you to spoil yourselves (and your feet) with a unique foot soak and massage experience!

Wake Foot Sanctuary is located in downtown Asheville within the Grove Arcade. When you enter, you will immediately begin to prioritize yourself! Before even settling into your selected service, their lobby displays multiple self-care products that will help you carry the bliss back home with you. From DIY foot soak packages to serums and jewelry, you’ll want to save some time for shopping.

What you really come here for though, is the soak! All you need is 45 minutes and to choose between their 11 incredible soaks! (Psst. we recommend Good Vibes for feeling grounded, Salty Beach Rose for detoxifying) Overwhelmed by the choices? Wake staff will guide you to the soak that will best serve you.

Once you have chosen your soak, you can decide if you want to sip on some tea or prosecco, snack on some chocolate or cookies, or indulge in any of their other menu items. But wait, there is more!

20 Minutes of Bliss

Wake Foot Sanctuary’s most popular service is their soak with a 20-minute massage! What more could you ask for? You are in and out in under an hour AND you will feel rejuvenated and blissed out for the rest of your day! As your feet rest peacefully in a large copper bowl with your soak of choice, one of their professional massage therapists will provide you with either a lower leg and foot, arm and hand, or head, neck, and shoulder massage. The choice is yours! May we recommend you add a glass of champagne for this experience and leave your phone with your shoes, in the lobby. 

Psst. You can also add on these same massages for 40 minutes, double the love! 

But what if you have more time in your day? What if you can spare a little more than 45 minutes? Well thankfully, Wake has thought of that and created multiple packages ranging from 50- 80 minutes. 

Date Night Package

Of course, we cannot pass up talking about their Date Night package, being Asheville “Date Night” and all! 😉 You can take yourself on this date night adventure for $95 or grab someone you like and it is $185 a couple! What will you experience? 

The Date Night Package, worth every penny.

As your feet soak in a sensual combination of frankincense, cardamom, and cedarwood, while sipping on a cozy cup of tea, you will experience a 10-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage paired with a 20-minute foot and lower leg massage. All you have to do is sit back and let them do the rest! What an amazingly relaxing and tension-free date!

Extend this date night by grabbing a bite to eat at one of the amazing nearby restaurants such as Session AVL, Asheville Proper or browse the shelves at Battery Park Book Exchange. 

Also, this package makes a perfect gift for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, new parents, birthday, Valentine’s day, or any couple that wants to relax together! 

Jet-setter Package

Sometimes all of us need a little R&R from work, traveling, or simply the crazy stressors from our busy lives. This package is curated just for those times! When you need some tender, loving care visit Wake for all the add ons! That’s right, you get it all! 

  • 20-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage
  • 20-minute foot and lower leg massage
  • 20-minute hand and arm massage
  • Locally made rich and delicious chocolate truffles
  • Personal pot of tea (or Rose!)

This is the perfect #TreatYoSelf package or a  great gift for a new mom, parent, spouse, bestie, or anyone who deserves some pampering.

Reserve Your Soak

2020 has presented us with chaos and elevated stress but, one silver-lining has been recognizing and prioritizing self-care. When we take care of ourselves, we are better able to show up for others in all the ways! We are better friends, better employees, better spouses, and better parents. Not to mention, too much stress can weaken your immune system. So prioritize your health and book a soak today or give that extra special holiday gift experience by purchasing a gift card! 

If all you have is a free hour during lunch, Wake has got you covered!

To get started, contact Wake Foot Sanctuary here.
1 Page Avenue #115
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 575-9799
OPEN every day: 9am – 8pm



Disclosure: This foot soak experience was provided to the writers at no cost and is a sponsored Asheville Date Night Guide blog post. Wake Foot Sanctuary is one of our valued advertising partners. 


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