Spa Date at Wake Foot Sanctuary

wake foot sanctuary

Located in the historic Grove Arcade, Wake Foot Sanctuary has brought a sense of relaxation and relief to the beaten path of Asheville’s downtown shopping district.  With handmade foot soaks, massages and herbal teas, you’ll be whisked into bliss together!  A spa date at Wake Foot Sanctuary is the ultimate way to soak up (and in!) each other’s company for a unique, romantic experience you’ll never want to end.

wake foot sanctuary
Wake Foot Sanctuary

Wake invited us to try their handmade foot soaks for ourselves and though we were very reluctant, (no, no we weren’t at all) we set up a time to soak our weary feet.

The Shop

We arrived to Wake and the soothing set in as subtle aromas poured in from the back rooms where the soaks are freshly made.  We roamed around the store, impressed with the bounty of body care products and handmade goods.  There were sensual body washes, powders, salves and bath salts, along with locally made jewelry, natural hand-poured candles and soap.  They even carry yoga mat spray!  

wake foot sancturary
Wild Grapefruit and Eucalyptus Leaf yoga mat spray.
asheville gift ideas
Luxury and pampering products by Wake Foot Sanctuary.

Chocolate truffles from French Broad Chocolates and cookies from Swoon Bakery are also available for purchase to enjoy during or after your soak.

wake foot sanctuary
French Broad Chocolate Truffles

The Soak

While one could easily spend half and hour in the shop, we had some soaking to do.  We had a looksy at our soak choices and boy was it hard to choose!  I settled on the Lavendar-Chamomile soak and my friend, Jenn, opted for The Clay Bath.  For good measure, we added a 20 minuted head and neck massage to go along.

Sidenote: We love that they offer a Date Night Package that includes soaks, massages, herbal tea and delectable treats!

wake foot sanctuary
Handmade Foot Soaks & Packages by Wake.

We traded our skinny jeans for soft, cotton waist wraps (yes men, you too can wear a skirt!) and slippers.  The wraps help you fully submerge your legs for a more comfortable and relaxing soak.  Lisa, our dedicated massage therapist, brought us into the soaking room where we sank into comfortable chairs with dimly lit chandeliers above us.  The ambiance was on point!   Lisa poured our Chocolate Ginger Bourbon tea and encouraged us to enjoy the moment while she prepares our soaks.
wake foot sanctuary
Lisa returned, rolling large copper pots, glistening and filled to the brim with bubbles and dried flowers.  They were, in and of themselves, beautiful. We submerged our feet and let the warmth move up our legs, instantly melting away the stress and worry of the day.  Lisa made sure we were both comfortable and began our neck and shoulder massages.  Divine!

Throughout the 45 minute soak, Lisa was attentive to our comfort by adding hot or cold water to our soaks to keep the temperature at our preference.  We enjoyed conversation, as well as the space to be silent and in the moment.  Lisa facilitated that well and encouraged us to do what feels good.

thanksgiving weekend
Lavender Chamomile foot soak. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks

After 45 blissful minutes, Lisa dried our feet and rubbed Wake’s specialty body powder over them before we slipped them back into our slippers and made our way to the changing room.

Wake Foot Sanctuary scores high on our list of must try experiences in Asheville.  The ambiance, attention to detail, and extra measures Wake takes to give their guests the highest quality experience is evident.  It’s the perfect avenue for couples looking to change it up and indulge.

Want to make someone in your life very happy?  Get them a Wake gift certificate so they can indulge too!

wake foot sanctuary
Wake gift certificates are an easy way to make someone very happy! Photo: Wake Foot Sanctuary

Wake Foot Sanctuary
1 Page Ave
Suite #115
Asheville, NC 28801

Mon-Thurs 10am – 7pm
Fri-Sat 10am – 8pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm





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