Spooky Date Night at Asheville’s Conundrum: Intrigue Bar & Lounge

Rumor has it that the Battery Park Hotel remains haunted after the mysterious 1932 murder of Helen Clevenger.  Her ghost is said to haunt the rooms at 1 Battle Square today.  It’s only right that Conundrum, located in the basement of the old Battery Park Hotel, continues a legacy of spooky tales and mysterious happenings.  This Intrigue Bar & Lounge is home to a speakeasy, escape rooms, theatrical dinners, wine tastings and events.   

asheville conundrum
Photo Credit: Jen Brooks


Specializing in prohibition era, absinthe cocktails, the bar and lounge is on point with 1920’s era decor and Edison bulb lighting that feels like flickering candlelight.  Eager to “pre-game” in the lounge before our scheduled escape time, we arrived a little early to wet our whistles.  The cocktails were delicious with fun names like the “Snake Charmer” Shooter and the Peach Whiskey Mule.

asheville conundrum
Absinthe Cocktails at The Conundrum. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks

We enjoyed the company of folks stopping in from The Amazing Pubcycle, a popular local tour that makes a stop at Conundrum. Soon we finished our drinks and headed to our escape adventure.

The Pubcycle Crew

Theatrical Escape Adventures

Conundrum has two escape rooms to choose from:

The Brewery of WunderBrugghen

The Attic of Abigail Falkirk.  

We chose The Attic of Abigail FalkirkOur actor/guide, Scott, played the groundskeeper of the Falkirk Estate, Ian.  He offered us an engaging backstory, along with clues to begin our escape. The clues, at first glance, seemed easy enough to get us started.  Then we were swept into a more complicated puzzle, moving from object to object, with sound effects and ghostly voices offering cryptic clues.  It was thoroughly entertaining, challenging and spooky.  With 4 minutes to spare, we escaped.  We’d love to go into details, but we’d rather you experience it for yourself!  Each room can accommodate 2-8 people (ages 11 & up) and costs $25 per person.

asheville escape rooms
The Attic
Photo Credit: Jen Brooks
asheville conundrum
Photo Credit: The Conundrum

Le Vine Noir

That’s french for “wine in the dark.”  We were greeted by our host, Phillip, who was delightfully in character as a witty German fellow by the name of Wolfie.  He led us into the Red Room, where we each took our place around the table and then the lights went out!  We quickly struck up conversation with our fellow wine tasters as Wolfie fashioned his night vision glasses on and began pouring wine.

Wolfie was knowledgeable about the wines, pairing them with food and imploring us to find the complimenting flavors. We tried 5 wines in total. The darkness added an element of theatre and playfulness that made the experience unique and somewhat uninhibited.  Who knew 45 mins in a pitch black room could be so fun?  After the tasting was over, Wolfie lit candles, poured more wine, and invited us to enjoy the well lit faces and conversation of those gathered around the table.  It was a great way to change up date night and make new friends!  Also great for a Girl’s Night Out.  Le Vine Noir is $35 per person.

asheville conundrum
The lights come on after our Le Vine Noir!
Photo Credit: Jen Brooks

Whether you come to spend the entire evening here or just start your night off with drinks, The Conundrum offers a truly unique experience of the senses that you must try!

Other experiences at Conundrum:
Le Feast Noir
Follows the same format of the Le Vine Noir, only you enjoy a 5 course dinner in the dark!  This group dining experience lasts 1.5 hours and is $75 per person.

Evenings with Evil
A theatrical social game where players compete to find out who among them is the most evil supervillain!  That cost is $30 per person.

The Conundrum
1 Battle Square
Suite 2B
Asheville, NC 28801

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