Visiting a Psychic on a First Date – Sound Intriguing?

First dates are always thrilling, no matter how many times you’ve been on one. You have to look perfect, be in control of your nerves, handle the excitement, and wonder about the outcome.

For most first dates you’d probably choose from a list of few well-established things to do. Go for a drink to a regular bar, watch a movie, have dinner, so on and so forth. You might even give in to a few corny ones like a yoga class, cooking class, or mini-golf.

But visiting a psychic? Does it sound like bat shit crazy? Or is it right up your alley? If it is, maybe you will choose one of the best psychics in the United States for your fifth date.

Try Something New

Have you already started wondering what it’s going to be like? You would probably go on this date with a lot is apprehension and hesitation. And you are probably wondering where would you find someone willing to go on this crazy ride with you. Would a psychic be willing to read your Tarot cards along with a total stranger you just met? And where would you find such a psychic?

I am sure the internet is full of both the answers. Still, finding a person willing to do this on a first date might take you some time to find. But don’t worry, there are a lot of people who would share your enthusiasm for seeing a psychic. Some would be skeptical while others would be believers. You would probably want to find someone who is on the same page as you. But chances are that you are already a believer, or a teensy bit curious. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have been your idea of a first date. If that’s the case, you might end up changing someone’s mind about psychic readings.

You would feel very conscious about posing a question like “so what are your thoughts about tarot cards?” You might lose quite a few conversations, and even get judged by a few. But this is about finding the right person, isn’t it? Girls are more accepting when it comes to psychics, but most guys would find it weird. But some people might just want to do it to have a good laugh.

Finding a psychic would be relatively much easier. You could look for someone on Yelp and send them your proposition. The only challenge you would face is to find a psychic who is confident enough to provide a dual reading for a relationship that has come into existence 30 minutes ago. In case you cannot find someone in your city, you can always broaden your search and find a psychic online.

How to Plan a Psychic First Date in Asheville

Head to North Asheville for a psychic reading with Lewisa at Heart Alchemy. She is based in Woodfin so planning a date night around this reading would be easy. I recommend making it an afternoon session with Lewisa, therefore, you could head to a nearby park afterward and have an interesting discussion of what she reveals for you. Hopefully, the reading will get you this far. Lewisa is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister, performing blessing ceremonies and weddings. Oh, and she communicates with animals, so if either one of you has a pet, that may be an added bonus or just make the date about that.

Charley Castex Psychic Consultant & Spiritual Speaker is another recommended local psychic here in Asheville located on Merrimon Avenue. Charley is heavily recognized in the international stage of spiritual readings and psychic phenomena. Charley’s guidance just might give you and your date a unique perspective developed directly from his clairvoyant nature. Receive new life direction, spiritual insights, and medical intuition before heading out to a picnic or a cocktail to further discuss Charley’s discoveries.

Before You Start

It is advisable to meet your date at the local bar and get some liquid courage into yourselves. You are going to need some to handle the nervousness and the excitement. Just think of it as an adventure.

If you’ve found a psychic in the city, make sure you take a small walk before you get in. Do it even if you are doing the psychic session online. This will help you to relax and let your aura mingle. It is important for the psychic because a tensed aura might give the psychic wrong readings.

If you do not know which reading you are going for, it is advisable to read up a little bit about it before you go for the reading. This will help you choose the reading you want and be better prepared. Plus you won’t have to waste time understanding the entire thing from the psychic.

Be Open-Minded

The psychic will present a deck of cards and then proceed to give you the readings. They would probably give you both individual readings since your relationship is newborn. This part can be very awkward so you both will have to take it sportingly. The psychic will reveal your psyche in front of a stranger. There might be details about your past relationships that you would want to hide from a romantic prospect. The psychic can also reveal relationship traits and shortcomings. But at least both of you will have each other’s truth which can provide an uncomplicated clarity right on the first date, and which is something people strive to have in a relationship.

However, you mustn’t let the awkwardness catch up with you. The session will be on your mind, so it will be the best thing to talk about for some time after you leave the psychic. If it works out between the two of you, you will have a great first date story. And if it doesn’t, you will surely have a fresh perspective about your nature.



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