Build Me Up Buttercup & Bring Me a Luxury Picnic

More than ever, people are exploring and spending hours outside. There are more hikers, bikers, kayakers, walkers + runners. The outside has been a safe haven during a difficult-to-navigate time and thankfully, this has resulted in an opportunity! 

A beautiful new experience has emerged, curated picnics! From your classic gingham red + white spread to luxurious affairs with lavish treats. If you haven’t yet experienced what multiple new Asheville businesses are offering, then we sure do have your next date night right here in this blog! 

A Taste of Asheville In A Basket

Over the past year, Asheville has been gifted 6 new eccentric businesses, Asheville Picnic Company, Parkway Picnics, Dreamscape Luxury Picnics, Lux Pop Up Picnics, Asheville Micro Events, and Asheville Luxury Picnics. What is even better is that they each offer something unique and insanely creative! 

Asheville Picnic Company

The first picnic company is your classic picnic in a basket, red and white checkered blanket affair. Although this isn’t their only offer, this is absolutely where you would grab your classic picnic to go. Whether you are heading to the trails and need a lunch that fits in your pack or you are taking your sweetheart to the Biltmore to see the flowers or driving up the parkway for a scenic adventure, you can quickly + easily order online by selecting your sandwich + boom, you’re all set! 

Even better, the basket and blanket are yours to keep and use time and again. 

Lush + Luxurious Picnics

Parkway Picnics 

If you know the exact date, time + place of your picnic, why not do it up? Whether you are ready for a romantic escape right in your backyard, a birthday party for your best friend, or a pop-up proposal, Parkway Picnics is far from traditional. They come to either your private location or a public park + set up blankets, pillows, a low table at an appropriate height for when you are sitting on the ground, games, sparkling water, and oh my word the snacks!

Photography: Angi Spielman

Floral + Fiery 

Dreamscape Luxury Picnics

Ready for your fairytale experience? Another kind of blanketed luxury, Dreamscape Luxury Picnics designs your event exclusively to be an unforgettable occasion. To level up your experience, Dreamscape provides fresh, local flowers, velvety plush pillows, elegant dining accessories, and candles plus a gorgeous spread of snacks and sips to enjoy while you relax and celebrate. Perfect for any affair, Dreamscapes Luxury Picnics elegance + style promises to create a magical experience leaving you dazed and not confused.

Colorfully Personalised  + Distinct

Picnic Pop Up – “Asheville Luxury Picnics”

With one-of-a-kind arrangements baring unique angles + decor, we believe Picnic Pop Up offers such a customized luxury picnic. Their attention to detail + pops of captivating color + textures takes your eyes more to the display than the food. But be rest assured the food is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Romantic Fairytale  

Lux Pop Up Picnic

Romantic + charming perfectly describes Lux Pop Up Picnics! With a little pop of tradition and confections, you can celebrate birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and so much more with this wonderfully unique pop-up company.

Sweet Fantasies

Asheville Micro Events 

No matter what your occasion is, Asheville Micro Events will set up a beautifully designed space to enjoy with family, friends or co-workers. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, birthday or engagement, this event company knows a lot about Asheville and will create the ideal mountain experience for you.

How do you choose?

We know we sure wouldn’t be able to choose between each of these but instead cycle through them with each event worthy of a picnic! However, if you are looking for the perfect fit, explore their Instagram profiles and we are confident you will find the ones that have all your vibe! 

Feature photo and video by: Angi Spielman


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