Got $20 in your pocket? Asheville Thrift Store Date

Got $20 in your pocket? Why not hit up a thrift store and bring on the out-of-the-ordinary date? Asheville is filled with incredible, unique thrifts stores everywhere from downtown to all directions on the map. We know its been nearly eight years since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sang about their favorite past time but we are ready to bring it back! Thrift store shopping with your sweetheart can be such a fun date because you can make it flirtatious with a side of romance. Besides, you’ll never know what new things you’ll discover about each other and where it may lead. Wink, wink.

Before the winter fully arrives, lets spice things up and go on a little bit of a different date, a thrift store date! November is the perfect time of year to get thrifty with your shopping and finding those one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. So, start digging for thrifty treasure, we’ve got three fun ideas for your next date night right here!

Thrift Store Date Number One

Buy each other an outfit:

Start by setting a limit and picking a store. We suggest $10 each or less, let’s make this challenging! The rules are simple. You each get a certain amount predetermined to shop for the other person and they have to wear what you pick. Then, you leave the thrift store and go about your date without talking about it. It may be hard to hold back the laughs and you may not make it long if your partner picked an outfit that grabs the attention of strangers passing by. Next is optional, but why not spice it up. Pick fake personas for the rest of the date. New names, backgrounds, jobs, etc.. Your outfit may even inspire you. Get the juices flowing with roll playing, sexy and provocative foreplay.

Now, we didn’t come up with this on our own. Get some inspiration on this one by searching #goodwilldatenight

Thrift Store Date Number Two

Repurpose an Item:

If you are like me and my partner, you’ve always got the next project on your mind. Be it redecorating that weird nook or finding the right shelf for that corner. Whatever it may be, find a DIY solution at your favorite thrift store. In need of some inspirations? Head over to Pinterest. We recommend checking out The Regeneration Station, Atomic Furnishings, and Garage on 25 for unique finds and inspiration too!

Here are some of my favorite thrift store projects!

Thrift Store Date Number Three

Clean out your closet:

There is nothing quite as satisfying to me than having only the things I love to wear in my closet. It is even more exciting when I can sell or consign something and treat my partner and me to a treat. So grab a bag, head into your closet, grab some items you can live without and donate, sell or consign them. Here are my favorite places to go in Asheville, yet I am sure there are many more!

  • Mine and Yours: Great place to consign your clothes and shop for a new outfit or home decor!
  • Second Gear: Great place to re-home your favorite outdoor gear.
  • Reciprocity: Mostly boutique women’s clothing, great for shopping and selling your good brands.
  • Zen and Now: Donate and then get your yoga on yogis!
  • Children’s Trading Post: For rehoming your little one’s outgrown gear.

Treat Yourself

We are using our recent money from purging to go to Sauna House where after getting a couples massage, we plan to enjoy their saunas and cold plunge! Bring your own towel and locals receive $10 off a day pass. Hot Bonus!

Decompress together after all the hunting!

Got more ideas? Share them with us! Going to try our ideas? Be sure to tag us at @ashevilledatenight on your Instagram worthy moments.

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