Unplug + Relax: A South Slope Spa Adventure

Hot. Cold. Relax! The newest spa to take root in Asheville is a Nordic bathhouse where the protocol is so easy anyone can follow along. Bada Bastu is defined as the ‘experience of sauna’ and the practice is ‘lagom’ meaning not too much, not too little. Team Asheville Date Night Guide was lucky enough to have the opportunity to dip in, chill out and all I can say is how much fun it all was and I cannot wait to go back.

First thing – checking in.
Living flora presents itself all over the crisp clean spa.

Simplicity is the theme throughout the spa making your Nordic experience as easy as possible. If massage is on your mind, Bada Bastu’s brand makes it easy to find on the straight forward menu. Choose from 45, 60, 90 and 120-minute massages by one of Bada Bastu’s skilled professional massage therapists. Just wanna sit by the spa? Make it a spa date by purchasing the single visit pass for two.

Friendly Staff happily waiting to welcome you to Bada Bastu.
Treat yourself to a 45, 60, 90, 120-minute massage.

You begin your Nordic bathhouse experience by showering your day away removing any lotions, perfumes, makeup etc. before heading to the ‘hot’ portion of the routine, a Finnish sauna for fifteen minutes of warm serenity. I personally applaud this very important step to remove the extra layer we humans tend to pile on. My ability to let it all go was increased knowing everyone has to do this necessary step. And because you are assigned a number at check-in, the organization in this simple spa is top notch. Hang your personal robe under your assigned numeral and head into the perfectly heated sauna.

No need to bring shower supplies. Soaps, shampoos and natural conditioners are provided for your use.

To be sure you don’t overheat, Bada Bastu has strategically placed an hourglass fifteen-minute timer to ensure you only cook to medium and not well done. What was great about this little private space was that it gave us permission to chit chat or relax and meditate. Either way – I knew this is what I needed in my life. Settling into the heat felt so amazing down to the bone – our body and minds easily soaked up the warm air like sponges.

Coming soon. STEAM!

Just as you notice yourself becoming a little too hot, it’s time to step out and full body rinse under the Nordic Cooling shower to rid the sweat before you take the Icelandic plunge! When you embark on your one to three minutes of tolerated cold water plunge, we highly recommend just jumping into the 50-degree water to jolt your cells back into life. For me, this essential cold part of the process was what made the next step so wonderful – pure relaxation.

Perfectly molded heated concrete loungers.

Finally, unadulterated bliss – you rest, relax and rehydrate for fifteen minutes before repeating this cycle two to three more times. Whether you choose the perfectly molded, warm concrete chairs or the bamboo loungers, either way, the experience is divine. So many adjectives, so little time. Somehow this simple process of hot to cold forces the stressors of everyday life to melt away. Gone, zip, zilch.

Bamboo loungers.

For Samm, the biggest shock was noticing the difference in how she felt after each cycle in her ability to just let go. Let go of all the stress, all the drama, and all the expectations that life can hold. We both were able to sit down, shut up and become blissfully happy as we sipped our hot tea chosen when we checked in. Also available, Dram Apothecary All Natural Sparkling Water. My favorite, the Dram Lemongrass + CBD.

Dram. Ready-to-drink beverages crafted using 100% organic and natural herbal bitters made by DRAM Apothecary. The waters contain ZERO calories, NO sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or “natural flavorings.”
Daily Stress Management for Body and Mind. A bright and cheerful blend of adaptogenic herbs, stimulating Ginger and Colorado grown CBD

Unplug and Relax! Is something everyone is allowed to do and finally, in Asheville, Bada Bastu is conveniently implementing an efficient way for locals and visitors alike to indulge in the Nordic way to self-care. Hot. Cold. Relax. Repeat.

Standard protocol.

Bonus round: One of the major perks to Bada Bastu is the affordability for locals. Flash your proof of local residency and you’ll get a discount to enjoy the spa.

Step back into the world refreshed + rejuvenated!


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