Asheville Date Night In: Holidaze

It’s that time of year. You’re decking the halls. You’re getting jolly. Now it’s time to take a break with your sweetheart on an Asheville Date Night In!

Try one of these holiday themes with a perfectly paired restaurant delivery from Asheville’s own Takeout Central! Add a beverage from the Beer & Wine menu and settle in for your own private holiday.

Be sure to use coupon code DATENIGHT for $2 off your order all through December!



You know this one. Hans Gruber smirks. John McClane blows stuff up. Die Hard is the official anti-holiday classic. But before you hit play, order a New York Cheese Pie from ACROPOLIS. Load it up with an explosion of toppings and top it off with an icy cold 6-pack of PBR. Yippe-kay-yay!



Dreading your company party? It won’t be this bad. Check out Office Christmas Party, the story of a company manager trying to land a big client with an epic holiday blowout. Featuring every comic you currently love. Plus a car chase. Soak it up with some Hangover Hashbrowns from TASTEE DINER and a bottle of Champagne. Celebratory orange juice not included.



Sometimes friends make the best family. In The Night Before, three buddies meet for their annual search for an elusive invite-only party. This year they get lucky. While you wait, satisfy your munchies with The Good, The Bad and The Happy from BADHAPPY POUTINE SHOP and a bottle of Chardonnay. In case you need something to wash down your medication.



Have you been naughty this year? You may be getting a visit from Krampus the Christmas Devil. Celebrate by punishing yourself with Krampus, the story of terrible relatives and a child’s Christmas wish gone wrong. Reward your bravery with a festive Sweet Potato Streusel or Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie for BAKED PIE COMPANY. Just like Oma used to make.


Don’t forget to use coupon code DATENIGHT for $2 off your Takeout Central order ANY day in December! Takeout Central is Asheville’s only locally owned and operated restaurant delivery service. Sign up for an account here.


Merry Everything to all!

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