Asheville Insta-Love Feature: Sara Jane Case

Scrolling through Instagram while drinking coffee or tucking ourselves into bed has become a way to visually connect with folks all over the world. It’s also a fun way to connect locally, glimpsing into the world we share with others. Our new monthly feature, Asheville Insta-Love, will highlight one Asheville Instagrammer, sharing favorite photos from their feed. We’re thrilled to have Sara Jane Case, writer, coach and teacher, share her Insta-Love with us!

Who you are?

I’m writer, coach, and teacher focused on helping women get their work into the world in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the art of living a beautiful life.

It’s me!
I spend a lot of time on Rankin Ave. With High Five, The Vault, Table and Imperial Life, you have everything you need!

What you do?

I help women to start businesses, reach their goals and manage work/life balance. I do this through online workshops, 3-day business incubators, retreats and my day planner – Journey Books.

One of my favorite feelings is being up high. Being able to look out at the world and realize just how small we are is therapy.
Every Fall we take our little one to the Apple Orchard to pick apples, eat donuts and get cider slushies.

How long you’ve been in Asheville?

I actually grew up in Asheville. I moved away for about 8 years after high school for college and to travel. I traveled to all 48 continental states in 2011 and found that of all of the places I visited, Asheville was still one of my very favorite places in the U.S. I decided to move back in 2012!

My definition of success is having plenty of time to watch a movie in the middle of a weekday afternoon. There’s not a more romantic place to do that than The Fine Arts Theater.
I once wrote a blog about this coffee shop. High Five has been so much more than a pick-me-up. It’s been my community and for that, I will always be grateful.
I spend a lot of time in coffee shops both working and socializing. I love Summit Coffee for long meetings in their beautiful space.
I’ve dedicated my life to learning this lesson. That it’s absolutely OK to enjoy the small moments and in fact, the best work comes out of a little bit of time with yourself, a notebook and a great cup of coffee.

Why you love this city?

The number one reason I love Asheville is because we have the magic of a larger city. We have great restaurants, interesting activities and plenty to do while also having the beautiful community and access to nature that a small town provides!

Liberty House is my favorite place to go for a date with myself or my husband. Their patio and the yard is so gorgeous and honestly, it’s my favorite breakfast in town!
When High Five Riverside opened, I’m pretty sure I only left to sleep. Being able to drink coffee and work while watching the river has been the most magical experience.
If I ever need to remember that living in Asheville is something special, I just take a walk down Wall St. at night. The twinkle lights, the music, the people eating on patios and a meal at Cucina 24 doesn’t hurt either. It’s such a magical street!

Where can we find you?

Say hi on Instagram! Find me at @sarajanecase. Feel free to check out my work at


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