Binge Watching Theatre

In today’s Golden Age of Television, binge-watching a television show for hours on end has become the norm.  But how about theatre? Would audiences binge-watch a multiple chapter play? The Magnetic Theatre in the River Arts District wants to find out. 

The Magnetic Theatre is close to Vivian in the River Arts District. A perfect date night match! Photo credit via Instagram: @kimvanness

The Baggage Plays

The Magnetic Theatre presents The Baggage Plays performed and written by Murphy Funkhouser-Capps and directed by Rodney Smith.  The Baggage Plays consists of two 75 minute chapters. Each chapter can be watched out of order or you can simply watch one chapter and not the other.  

“This has never been tried in the theatre scene here in Asheville,” says director Rodney Smith.  

“We are experimenting.” adds writer and performer Murphy Funkhouser-Capps.

The hard part of the production is that it’s a one-woman show who performs two shows with a totally different story arch for each chapter. 

Chapter One “Crazy Bag”: A fast-paced, action “packed” ride from barroom to motherhood, rebellion to redemption. This chapter will be relatable to anyone who took the long way to find themselves and their way back home. 

Chapter Two “Carry On”: An emotional and hilarious exploration of marriage, child-rearing and “becoming domesticated”. This chapter will be deeply touching to anyone looking for their matching baggage or who has experienced a second chance at love or life.

“As my husband said about these performances, this is a fictional version of me.  It’s how I saw things as they happened,” Mrs. Funkhouser-Capps says with a smile. Rodney throws out there, “Based on a true story but some facts have been bent.” Both chapters are totally separate from each other but there are hidden Easter Eggs lying around for both performances that link to each other.  But you do not have to watch both shows to understand what’s going on.  

What chapter should people watch?

The performer and writer, Murphy Funkhouser-Capps considers before answering, “Chapter One is focused on the struggles of a single mother trying to find herself.  Chapter Two is about a woman who never thought she would – but suddenly finds love – and how that throws her world upside down.”

For those who want to watch both, there is a special discounted price.  

If you buy tickets to both performances, they get $5 each performance.  That means for both shows you pay a single ticket price of $36. Normally, it’s $23 a performance (which includes tax).

Chapter One performances are – 

  • Thursday, 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, 7:30 PM
  • Sunday, 3:00 PM

Buy tickets here –

Chapter Two performances are –

  • Friday, 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, 3:00 PM
  • Sunday, 7:30 PM

Buy tickets here –

You can watch Asheville Date Night Guide’s contributor, Jackson, interview the cast of The Baggage Plays here – 


This original, award-winning one-woman show, performed in two chapters, takes a humorous, yet poignant look at the baggage we all carry through life. Audience choice! See one chapter or both! Either chapter is a complete show that is packed full of laughs, tears, and revelations about this crazy journey we call life. This binge-watching theatre production comes without ads to skip. 

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