Cultura: Hygge Dining in Asheville

If you like your food with some comfort, come visit the new Asheville hot spot, Cultura. Full of vibrant, fun dishes and artistic takes on comfort food classics, you won’t want to leave any menu item uneaten at this new-agrarian south slope restaurant.

Created by Wicked Weed Brewing and Chef Jacob Sessoms of Table, not a single detail was missed. From the air plant centerpieces to the bold and lush garden that greets you as you enter, the tone and atmosphere immediately brings a smile to your face and lets any stressors you may have melt away. Cultura captures hygge at its finest with a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.


Right away, the staff will impress you. Their obvious excitement to be a part of this new culinary masterpiece will continue throughout your stay. As you settle in, make sure to order one of the many signature cocktails. The Sleight of Hand or For the Good and Bad are both a great place to start.  

For the Good and Bad Cocktail


Now that you are awaiting your beverage, it is time to settle in and get comfy. The menu is divided into four sections; The Bacchanal, Plates, The Feasts and of course Desserts. In the plates, you’ll find captivating dishes like Octopus with inked rice, culture coconut, and citrus next to various green peas served with their own greens and cultured goat cheese. The lamb steak served with raw and charred vegetables and cucumber water will satisfy your pallet so much, you’ll be adding a feast to your order just to get more of Chef Jacob’s creations. Your dishes will arrive as they are prepared, encouraging sharing and family-style dining.

Various Plates
Lamb Steak, with raw & charred vegetables and cucumber water
Spring Broccolini


You’ll be salivating as you watch your server walk towards you with any of the feasts. These comfort food classics are served with both tradition and flare. Cnl Hester’s Bucket of Birds is a combination of smoked and fried chicken served with corn and potatoes that have more soul than any mashed potatoes we have ever eaten. The Charleston No. Six is all the crabs and golden rice that will bring you all together as you feast and crack some shells. Yet, I must say, watching Chef Jacob deliver the Racks on Racks reminded us of just how much of a genius he is. Surrounded by ramps and carrots, the conversation may pause at your table as you devour these ribs that slide off the bone, smooth as butter.

Cnl Hester’s Bucket of Birds
Chef Jacob Sessoms and Racks on Racks

NOW Open

Now, if you have the room, go in for the dessert. But if you enjoyed as much as we did, you may not have saved any space. Be sure to add Cultura to your list of Asheville Must Eats! They are officially open today!

Cultura: Feels like home, cozy and comfortable with a menu that will leave your mouth watering.


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