Date Yourself: 5 Tips For Self Care This Holiday Season

We’ve heard it before but rarely listen. “Before you assist others, always put your oxygen mask on first.” “Before you help others, you must first help yourself.” This holiday season, let us help you prepare for the dinner planning, holiday shopping, endless commitments and traveling with our 5 tips for self-care.

Ground Yourself  

Sure, your teenagers may laugh if you tell them you are doing this, but do it! What does it mean to get grounded? No, your phone will not be taken away and you lose access to your electronics, although we recommend that too. Instead, this is about getting outside and reconnecting with nature. Get your boots on the ground, not the pavement. Take a hike, a walk or just relax in nature. Here are some of our places around town to get grounded:

  1. The North Carolina Arboretum 
  2. Trails off the Parkway
  3. Bent Creek Experimental Forest

Move Your Body, Everybody 

Whether it is a high-intensity CrossFit style workout or a sauna, get that body moving! You can do with a group of like-minded people or find some solace on your own.

  1. Join a group fitness community like Fit4Mom Asheville. P.S. Your first class is free!
  2. Visit your local YMCA for a class or a solo gym session.
  3. Twist it all out at Asheville Community Yoga. We enjoy attending Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga for the largest concentration of self-care. 

Cleanse Your “Home”

Nope, not your house. Stop! Leave the plate right there. We are talking about the home you walk through life in, YOUR BODY. There will always be more dishes, but you only have one body. So, let’s take care of that today. Whether you sweat it out in a sauna, detox in a salt cave or drink a cup of warm green tea in your kitchen before the kids wake up, find time cleanse. Our favorite places to go when we need a cleanse are:

  1. Hot, Cold, Relax and repeat at the Sauna House.
  2. Soak it all in at Asheville Salt Cave.
  3. The backyard with a move cuppa tea! Asheville Tea Company has some incredible blends that will do the trick! 

Take Yourself Out

When was the last time you went on a solo date? 3 months ago? Never? Well, that ends now. Find a spot on your calendar. Let’s reach for 2 hours. Find a place where you are unlikely to run into someone or where it is a bit quieter than your usual scene. We practice this a lot in our crowd yet these seem to be the reliable winners: 

  1. Dobra Tea has multiple creative seating options, amazing relaxing teas, and outstanding eats. Bring a book, your knitting or perhaps an adult coloring book and find solace in the quiet. 
  2. Mr K’s Used Books is a favorite. We go here both when we need to purge our books and DVDs but also when we are just looking for a place to decompress and wander. Who knows, you may just find a book that changes your life for the better! 
  3. Go to the movies, alone! This may sound weird but we promise, it is amazing! If you haven’t visited Grail Moviehouse, it may become your new favorite spot. 
  4. Sometimes you need to release some of that collected energy. We recommend zipping through the forest to help you let it go! Asheville Treetops Adventure Park has a Holiday Twilight Tour we cannot wait for!

Make Room for Gratitude

This isn’t just us! Many researchers, psychologists, and mindful humans will tell you, being grateful makes you happier! Read this Harvard study if you don’t believe us. The gist is, when you recognize what you have to be thankful for, your mind realizes the good things in your life! Why wouldn’t you want to make more room for this? 

  1. Random Act of Kindness – Buy the person behind you their coffee, leave a scratch ticket at the gas pump, treat your neighbor to a dozen of your famous cookies. 
  2. Write a letter to a loved one reminding them why you are grateful to have them in your life and don’t expect a letter in return. 
  3. Go on a date with someone super important to you that you haven’t had one on one time within a while. Is this your mom, your youngest child or a friend you’ve been meaning to get together with? Go someplace without distractions and silence your cellphones. Be present together with no agenda!  

Most importantly of all, remember that you are enough, you are perfect and you are loved this holiday season.

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