Happy Hour Test Drive: Monk’s Flask

Thirsty Monk has brought us a gift to South Asheville this holiday season by opening their second elegant cocktail bar perfectly named Monk’s Flask. And we were fortunate enough to spend one rainy afternoon taste testing their brilliantly crafted specialty drinks. This is one tough job! South Asheville now has a pre-prohibition, specialty bar combining its cocktail prowess with a cozy, relaxing atmosphere, making it an ideal place for a South Asheville happy hour rendezvous.

New Moneyed Savant

First up….New Moneyed Savant.

The New Moneyed Savant gin martini.

Jade Finn, the Monk’s talented mixologist put together this wonderfully crafted gin martini served in proper classic martini crystal. But this is not your typical martini. This little drink has not one, not two but three styles of vermouth gently blended with recommended, Chemist Gin, a botanical gin locally crafted here in Asheville. A wash of absinthe finishes this drink off leaving you with earthy notes of anise. Divine comes to mind!

Captain of Industry

Holy smokes, next we tried something I have never experienced before….Captain of Industry and boy is it ever!

This is only the beginning for the Captain of Industry.
Infusing with a smoke filled glass jacket.
The reveal.

Whether you’re a whisky lover or not, this is a drink that should be at the top of your drink bucket list. This super, well-balanced whisky sipper has been carefully crafted to perfection with aromatic bitters, green chartreuse, and a homemade stout reduction – revealing wonderful notes of herbs and citrus followed up by just a touch of smokiness. Not only does this drink have a star introduction but plays trick’s on the palate leaving you filled with wonderment. No need to call the fire department, this smoke is here to stay!

Introducing…Captain of Industry!

Ne Me Quitte Pas

Next up is the ever refreshing Ne Me Quitte Pas, french for “Don’t leave me.”

Perfectly pink Ne Me Quitte Pas!

Get drunk on history with this gem of a cocktail which pays homage to bartender guider, Jerry Thomas. Think french floral combined with perfectly tart raspberries and herbs becoming The Monk’s twist of the ‘My Champs Elysees Cocktail’. This is a cocktail any Cosmopolitan girl would die for. Pucker up buttercup! This one is sweet and tart.

Bonus round:

My Champs Elysees Cocktail consisted of:
1 ounce Cognac
1/3 ounce Chartreuse
1/2 ounce lemon juice
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
1 drop of Angostura Bitters

Switchel Trip

Let’s keep moving on…The Switchel Trip says it all.

This smokehouse sipper has everything a tequila drinker would want. A lover of umami savory flavors myself, I can easily say that the Switchel Trip was on top of my favorite’s list. Saddle up, this one is the John Wayne of drinks – because of its smokey, briny nature, your imagination runs to the high plains desert where cowboys roam. Jade carefully blends spicy ginger, sweet honey and lime juice together masterfully creating a cocktail that is pleasant on the palate followed by a slight smokey nose trip. The Swichel Trip.

Death By Zen

Introducing…. Death by Zen.

Death by Zen.

Death by Zen? More like pure toddy bliss. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s safe to say this little drink will melt your anxiety and lift your spirits. The spirits of a Japanese whisky, Pear Eau-De-Vie, perfectly warmed in a tea kettle accompanied with asian pear, honey and ginger shrub make this the top of the toddy’s!

The Might Sovereign

For a citrusy Twist…The Might Sovereign.

The Mighty Sovereign, pure grapefruit delight.

We all can use a little pick me up from the bone chilling winter blues and The Might Sovereign will do just that. This plush pink cocktail has a mighty balanced between citrus and hoppy Monk IPA that sits just right. An epic blend of grapefruit and Tequila poured over a spherical ball of grapefruit ice, Jade adds a little St. Germain, cointreau and lime juice to create a ‘not too tart, not too sweet’ drink.

Yeoman Uprising

Last but not least…Yeoman Uprising.

Yeoman Uprising.

The Monk did us in with this one. We were swept away by this rum spiced desert drink nicely served in elegant stem wear. The Yeoman Uprising will tickle your fancy and warm your heart with its delicately smooth contents we decided was liquid desert! I honestly could not believe what I was drinking. This complex cocktail comes together nicely because Jade mixes just the right amount of pumpkin butter, Brother Joe’s stout reduction, apple shrub, xocolate mole bitters, nutmeg, bourbon barrel smoke and tops it all off with egg white. Neat silky goodness!

Over all, the Monk’s Flask scored an A plus with us!

Drinks: From start to finish, Monk’s Flask cocktails scored them an A+. The broad variety of classic and modern cocktails is what sets the Monk’s Flask apart from others. Jade, a classically trained bartender can create any drink you can dream of but I recommend sticking to the modern menu drinks. They are spot on in detail and goodness.

Food: Too many cocktails and not enough food? Not at Monk’s Flash. In contrast to Top of the Monk, Flask’s food menu is to die for and pairs well with the craft beer and specialty drinks. We recommend a pint of beer with the Pint of Bacon cured with salt and sugar. Or go big with the Flask’s burger. None will disappoint.

Setting: The moment we walked in I felt welcomed and invited into this charming yet cozy environment. Whether you are here to sip cocktails from delicately cut crystal or guzzle crafty hops from a pint glass, it doesn’t matter. You’ll fall in love with this little monastery of loveliness. From the warm color choice on the walls to the armless, leather chairs – Monk creates a ‘feel good’ environment surrounding you with wood, aged barrel goodness. A romantic ambiance for sure!

My recommendation for an easy South Asheville date night begins with a movie – Duh! You’re right there in Biltmore Town Square Park. Then – pop on over for classy cocktails at Monk’s Flask. Easy. Personally, I would go see the movie first – then to the Monk for an exhausting ‘drink in hand’ conversation about the flick over small plates. Monk’s Flask is my new favorite pick for a South Asheville date night. It’s a movie date night you can only find in Asheville!

Located in South Asheville at Biltmore Park

Monk’s Flask
2 Town Square Boulevard #160
Asheville, NC 28803

Monday – Thursday 4 – Midnight
Friday – Saturday 4 – 1:30am
Sunday 4 – 10pm

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