Swipe Mic is back! Introducing the new host Black Swan

Swipe Mic, the first open mic for bad dating stories, is back next Wednesday, 28 November from 7-9 PM @ District Wine Bar in River Arts District!

We would like to welcome the newest member of the Swipe Mic family, the new host and hilarious comedian, BLACK SWAN.  Heck, I will allow her to do her own introduction.

Listen to Black Swan on the latest Swipe Mic podcast.

And here is her write up about what to expect during this Wednesday’s Swipe Mic at District Wine Bar from 7-9 PM –

Hi, I’m Haley, AKA Black Swan and I am an Asheville native.

I moved here 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio because just like so many, I saw the potential in what this community had to offer and wanted to jump in and contribute who I am.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the mountains and the sense of liberation this place emanates. With that being said, the beauty of Western North Carolina does not come without the unique struggles of dating in a small town of hippies and good ol‘ boys.

I’m hosting Swipe Mic Night because I feel Asheville desperately needs comedic relief and I know I’m the one to serve it up!

This event is for anyone on the spectrum of dating that needs the kind of laugh that hurts! Between the thousands of mediocre men holding fish up in their profile pics to the couples that live in Greenville that want to lure you away- I’m here to assist in your liberation!

It’s not a secret- dating here sucks… I don’t know if people who grew up here just have nothing to compare it to, but the standards are practically nonexistent . This town is full of babes- but somehow there’s only 5 dudes worth fucking, maybe that’s why everyone’s poly?

Who knows… Regardless, this event is guaranteed to make you blush…

If this doesn’t tickle your pickle, here are 3 reasons to participate in Swipe Mic Night:

  1. Your friends in relationships have stopped caring once they realized you won’t stop putting yourself in weird situations.
  2. Laughing till you pee knowing that someone next to you has gone on dates with the same person you have. You get the rare opportunity to shout out, “I know him/her” and secretly knowing how annoying it was when they sighed after every sip, every end of the conversation, or at the end of sex. Please stop sighing…
  3. You’re prettier when we laugh together than you are when you are internalizing your failed love life alone.

You do not have to get on the microphone in front of an audience to tell a bad dating story – you can also call our Swipe Mic hotline at 863 602 8551 and leave your story via voicemail.

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