Jack(ie) of All Trades

Stephanie Rogers, our friend over at Ashvegas strikes again with her 6 Girls you’ll Sleep with Before you Leave Asheville piece, and we love it!

Here’s a disclaimer. All woman have issues. So do men. The goal is to find a level playing field where hopefully issues fall to the waist side, because we allow ourselves to open up and engage in conversation that leads us to more understanding. Note a woman has to find this happy balance of loving herself, loving her family and friends and then finding someone who accepts and loves her.

One of my missions with Asheville Date Night is not only to inspire couples, friends and families to get out and drift amongst the tourists, but to create a new platform for singles in this town to meet face to face. Have real conversations, instead of swiping left or swiping right on our devices.

Finding that ‘right’ person has literally become a job, I want to make it fun and exciting so that it doesn’t feel like a struggle or a burden. In the past year, I have been inspired by a variety of single people wanting a different way to meet people in Asheville therefore I am creating a new event series called The Dinner Party Experience.

Farm Dinner Party Experience. Photo credit via Instagram: @barberryfarm

The Dinner Party Experience will be just that. An intimate dinner party experience of random strangers, and let’s see what happens (Oh my God, how dare you meet new people!).

I want to create a new opportunity which allows us to be vulnerable, nervous and available to meet new Ashevillans. Let’s remove ourselves from behind our phones and computers, have conversations around great food and drink.

But to seflishly use the viral buzz Stephanie has generated with her article, I propose a seventh Girl You Must Sleep With Before You Leave Asheville:

Jack(ie) of All Trades.
Occupation: A professional of everything just so she can pay the bills. She can be a single mother, recently divorced, or just an ambitious one trying to break the glass ceiling. But she is doing everything that she can to keep her head above water. But at the same time stay sexy.

Her talents are endless due to working a wide variety of jobs to support herself. She’s genuine, trustworthy and grateful because she’s been through the worst kind of pain. She’s independent but also wants to be protected and cared for. It’s important to her to express how ready she is for romance. The kind of romance that makes a woman melt and crave more.

Drug of choice: Hendricks Martini up with an olive. (Not dirty!)
First date: If you can get one! Because she works multiple jobs, and has so many obligations – getting an open space in her calendar is a job by itself! Often men accuse her of playing hard to get because she can’t seem to make time. But in fact, she is just trying to pay rent!

When a date does happen, her time is valuable. And if the man she meets doesn’t take it seriously, she doesn’t play games. You are either in or out. If you are not listening, too occupied checking your phone, she bounces and rounds up her girlfriend posse.

Between dates, a Jackie flirts hard. Texting what she wants you to do to her body. She makes it known that she wants a man who knows what he is doing. Her schedule, her late payments, makes for one build up of tension. Her goal is for you to be the great reliever!

But a Jackie of all trades, isn’t at the mercy of a man. The dresser next to her bed is stocked with AA batteries and B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend).

Cause of breakup:  Her jobs overrun or she forgets a commitment and the guy gets forgotten by accident. He takes it as ghosting.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, but I wouldn’t say that I’m brilliant at any.” – Noel Clarke

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