Stick With Your 2020 Resolutions in Asheville

Every January we revisit our resolutions of the year passed. Sometimes we knock it out of the park and other times, we don’t quite meet our goals. Shockingly, or maybe not shockingly across the population, we have four resolutions that always take the running for most popular. 

      1. Get Healthier, including eating well and losing weight
      2. Get Out of Debt and Save Money
      3. Spend More Time with Loved Ones
      4. Learn Something New

Now, if any of these are your resolution for 2020, we want to set you up for success by sharing some of our favorite local businesses that are here to help you stay on track! Full disclaimer, many of these resolutions involve moving through uncomfortableness, breaking through fears, and getting outside your comfort zone BUT, this is what creates happy people! It’s a new decade and there’s no better time to start building inner strength and wellness.

1. Let’s Get Healthy

Get Moving

It’s all about the movement. Asheville has so many amazing ways to get your body moving! From hiking to yoga, gym classes to rock climbing, we’ve got it all. And budget-friendly too!

Be sure to check out Asheville Community Yoga, a donation-based yoga studio offering classes of all kinds. The YMCA of Western North Carolina also has several locations, all accessible with one membership! Are you a momma? Have you checked out Fit4Mom Asheville? It pairs together community, being able to bring your kiddos and fitness all together!

If you need a little more support this year, get with Connor Moves! Connor Williams, NSCA, CPT is a locally grown Asheville resident who is an expert personal trainer, health cheerleader, and all-around fitness guru. Skip the lines at the local gyms and get moving outside with Connor who will spend all his time getting your goals set for 2020 with all the motivation to achieve every single one of them.

Eat Healthily

It is always so easy to just order a pizza after an insanely busy week. But did you know, we have so many amazing other places to get a healthy bite with minimal effort? Here are some of our favs!

2. Save Money

Get a side hustle

Let’s be real, who doesn’t have a side hustle in Asheville? I am sure if you don’t know someone who does. Here are some of our favorite ones!

  1. Sell Your Craft – Do you create something as a hobby that you could sell? Asheville is in love with local artisans. Share your product with some local shops and see if they have a spot for your items. Also, the city has craft fairs and rentable spaces available to all types of creators. Check out the Show and Tell Pop Up Shop and the Regeneration Station, WNC Farmer’s Market
  2. Find a part-time gig – From the breweries and bars to the art galleries and boutiques, there is almost always a need for some part-time help wherever you are located in the city. 
  3. Babysit babies or pets – Asheville residents love their pets and their babies! Join a Facebook group or a sitter service like or Rover to rake in some extra dough. 


Find Free Things to Do 

Believe it or not, there are so many incredible free things to do in Asheville! Here are some of our fan favorites!

  • Zoom Pass – Did you know, Buncombe County Libraries have teamed up with local attractions and museums to offer free admission for library cardholders with a ZOOM pass? It is simply amazing! From the Greenville Zoo, to the Nature Center and beyond, if you have a library card you are going to want to check this one out! 
  • Chase Waterfalls – There is always a new trail and plenty of waterfalls to explore. We love checking out Asheville Trails to find our next adventure.
  • Montford Players – where else can you catch Shakespeare and other great classics for free?
Montford Players is the oldest running Shakespeare Festival in North Carolina.

3. More Time With Loved Ones

Make More Memories

What would help you spend more time together? Consider purchasing a family gift of a membership to the North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville Museum of Science or the Western North Carolina Nature Center could encourage more adventures and exploration together.

Hire Help for Your Chores

After a busy workday or a long work week, coming home to a laundry list of chores can be exhausting. If you have the means, why not hire someone to help? Prime Pantry and Target are ready to help you with your groceries and shopping errands with easy ordering. Services like Owens Cleaning Solutions can clean the house when you aren’t even looking!  Feel buried in your stuff or struggling to find peace among the chaos, reach out to More Time Less Stuff to help you purge and organize your abode! 


Volunteer Together

Asheville has so many amazing nonprofits doing incredible things! Why not make a list of some of your favs and contact them today to learn how you can volunteer! Here are some of our favorite places to spend our volunteer time:

4. Learn Something New

There are always spaces and places to learn something new in Asheville. From music and cooking classes to rock climbing and disc golf, this city has something for everyone. What are you going to learn to do this year? Here are some of the top things on our mind:


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