Sunset Salutations with Asheville Wellness Tours

Let’s face it, people want unique experiences, especially when they travel to Asheville. Well, we have one for you! Namaste atop a mountain with breathtaking views. Sure you can follow along with everyone else to all the breweries or to all the restaurants but if you and your sweetheart are craving some real adventure, book yourselves on a sunset yoga hike with Asheville Wellness Tours.

For more than a century, Asheville has been a haven for healing and wellness. The downtown Montford Historic District was once a top destination for patients recovering from Tuberculosis in the 1800s, who were seeking brisk air and a cooler climate. Combine that with the entrepreneur spirit of today and it is no surprise that in modern-day Asheville, there is a wellness tour guiding locals and visitor’s on gorgeous yoga hikes, tea tastings, group tarot card readings, urban walking tours, and spiritual bachelorette journeys.

Asheville Wellness Tours has a mission and it is geared towards helping you relax, kick back by allowing the experts to plan your healing itinerary so you can treat yourself while focusing on your time together.

Yoga Hiking Tour

As a local, my tip to visitors is to always sign up for a tour! And it’s never a bad idea for locals either. Not only is it a great way to connect with others but they’re an efficient, informative way to experience our city. With the Wellness Tour, you get to experience two popular activities in one trip. Hiking combined with yoga. Breathe, calm, relax. It’s namaste on top of the world!

A great way to connect and make new friends!

The Classic Yoga Hike:

Immerse yourself in the dense beauty of the Blue Ridge with a guided 2-mile round trip hike where deep breathing and relaxation are on the menu. This round trip mountain top hike is topped off with stunning summit views adorning your 1-hour session of guided yoga.

$49/person, 2 Miles, 1hr Yoga

NEW! Sunset Yoga Hike:

Ready to upgrade your yoga practice? Take your sun salutations to the next level! You will begin your journey with a moderate group hike through a green mountain terrain lead by a wellness expert encouraging mindfulness along the way while intermittently speaking about the forest, the careful conservation efforts being done to preserve its beauty, and how to be respectful of its sustainability. For those interested in observing the surrounding plant life, there’s ample opportunity to study the foliage canvasing the forest’s floor. Then, before you know it, the trail opens up to the endless sky dimmed with every color in the spectrum.

Access the zen while taking in the breathtaking views. The calm, evening sky sets the scene for your guided mat practice allowing you to feel connected to its beauty while nourishing your inner self. A restimulating escape that will allow your body and mind to reconnect while embracing the spirit of the Blue Ridge.

Colorful sunsets never get old.

Sunset Yoga Hikes are available any day of the week for private parties of 4+. To see availability, select the “Private Yoga Hike” option on the website.

A sweet bonding experience for couples!

$49/person., Approx 2hrs., 1hr Yoga

Other tours offered by Asheville Wellness Tours:

Urban Walking Tour

A downtown walking tour with a wellness twist. Go behind the scenes and learn about how to access local businesses that are creating calming experiences.

2 hours

Mobile Massage

Let the massage experts come to you! Perfect for a girls getaway, bachelorette weekends, or a couples retreat.

1 hour
30 mins or $110/person

Girls Getaway

Don’t have time to plan or create a weekend itinerary? Girls getaway is the perfect treat. A carefully curated retreat-like experience that allows you to focus solely on your time together where a team of wellness practitioners, tour guides, and transportation experts will take away the stressful planning.

Group Tarot

For those seeking a group bonding experience, group Tarot is a supportive way to seek clarity and a deeper connection with each other.

Duration depends on the size of the group
Minimum group size 6

So, what are you waiting for? Simplify your travel adventure so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones. Asheville Wellness Tours is the perfect excuse to skip the planning so you can go explore all the relaxing elements that our area has to offer.


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