River Arts Coffee Date: Summit Coffee Asheville!

Asheville’s River Arts District welcomed its newest member, Summit Coffee to the neighborhood.  Summit joins the ranks of 12 Bones Smokehouse and Wedge Brewing on Foundy Street, also home to various art studios, local businesses and RAD skate park.  The much anticipated opening has the community’s craft coffee lovers jumping for joy, and not just because they’re caffeinated.  We think Summit Coffee Asheville has all the perks of a great spot for any occasion.

The large graffiti murals paint the landscape of the River Arts District, a striking backdrop for Summit Coffee’s new cafe. The 50-seat cafe space is inviting with communal tables, natural light and exposed brick.  Espresso is in the air and the vibe is relaxed and friendly.  The coffee bar is stationed in the middle of the space, allowing folks to sit at the bar or find a more intimate spot if they’d rather.  The space is creatively designed around community.


That coffee though…. Summit direct sources from coffee-growing communities around the world and locally roasts its beans in small batches in their Cornelius, NC roastery.  That’s fancy coffee talk for beans that are robust, full flavored and damn good!  As a coffee enthusiast myself, I splurged and ordered a mocha latte.  Sometimes a girl needs a little chocolate with her espresso….  The result?  Perfection!  A not-too-sweet, bitter chocolate flavor that holds up to the espresso and gives you a smooth, full spectrum flavor.

summit coffee asheville
Espresso machine in action. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks
summit coffee
Mocha Latte Perfection. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks

Beer & Wine

Its proximity to Carrier Park, the French Broad River and its surrounding RAD neighbors make Summit a fun date spot.  It’s an ideal pairing for an active, outdoor date or visits to surrounding art studios like The Village Potters or Cloth, among many others.  Offering exclusive collaborations with local breweries, as well as a curated wine list, you can enjoy more than just coffee.  Coming soon is a collaboration with One World Brewing, where they’ll unveil an exclusive coffee stout with notes of maple syrup and vanilla.

summit coffee asheville
Local brews on tap. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks


Summit also offers a robust dessert menu, as well as small, bistro-style plates.  The outdoor dining space faces 12 Bones and encourages a communal experience with its neighbors.  The vision being a seamless wandering among the Foundy businesses and studios.  We suggest dinner at 12 Bones, then wander over for dessert and wine.  

summit coffee asheville
Pastries, breads and cakes made in house. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks
summit coffee asheville
Outdoor dining space facing 12 Bones Smokehouse. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks

The vision of owner Brian Helfrich was to  create “…spaces and experiences that bring people together in genuine ways.”  In early 2018, that vision will come to fruition with espresso, brewing, coffee cupping and farm-to-roaster classes on the agenda.  Not to mention brewery dinners, game nights, live music, book clubs and local artist features also on the agenda.  

Don’t miss Summit’s Grand Opening Latte Throwdown Dance Party event November 11, 2017!

summit coffee asheville
Showcased artwork by Tyler Helfrich. Photo Credit: Jen Brook
summit coffee asheville
Rustic loft space. Photo Credit: Jen Brooks

Summit Coffee
4 Foundy Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 705-8071


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